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Negativity is like a drug. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a complaining fest either in our minds or with someone else.

Gratitude, on the other hand, is more difficult to focus on, but when you do, the world is a totally different place.

In light of me finishing Broken Worlds, I wanted to express my gratitude for everyone who has been involved.

The hubby: He’s listened to hours and hours of me ranting about this book. He deserves much more than a hug and a kiss.

My beta readers: Who read the horrible version of Broken Worlds before I finally came up with the final story. They didn’t even judge me.

Family: My family and my in-laws have all heard about this book too, and everyone has been encouraging.

My writing buddies: Who are probably going to be really glad to hear about something other than this book.

My fans: You never know when an excited email about a book to an author can save their sanity. I have a few people on my review team that have been asking for Broken Worlds for quite a while, and their notes to me have come at moments when I wanted to rage quit.

Heavenly Father: I don’t normally share much about my religion, but I’ve felt more than one comforting, spiritual pat on the back as I’ve agonized over this book. It’s nice to know there’s someone at the top routing for me, even when I eat an entire pan of brownies in protest of having to rewrite the middle of the story…again.

Other things I’m grateful for:

Computers (because copy/paste is a wonderful thing)

Movies (to distract me)

The internet (okay, this is a love/hate thing)

Other writers who have shared their struggles with me

Diet Coke

Sonic Onion Rings

Ice Cream

My kempo class (because nothing is better for writers block than punching and kicking things…trust me on this)

The Indie publishing movement (if not for Indie publishing, I wouldn’t be the author I am today)

So if you’re discouraged, take a moment to come up with a few things you’re grateful for. Whether it be people or things or circumstances. I promise it will brighten your day!


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Report and Giveaway

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I thought I would do a quick check-in. Summer is always a dangerous balancing act between too much fun and not enough time. Hopefully everyone got through relatively unscathed.

I’m in the midst of editing Jagged Scars Book 5. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this picture. This is about 2/3 of my plot. The pink tabs are big problems, the orange are minor problems, and I scrapped the entire finale, which is on the table next to the desk.

I keep telling myself it will be awesome! I won’t settle for anything less.


In the meantime, Fractured Memories is part of a Badass Babes & Bullets giveaway! If you’re hankering for a female protagonist that can kick anyone’s trash, click the image below. All of the books are free! Fractured Memories is in there, but I assume you’ve already read that. 😉



So go, enjoy the last threads of summer. I’m going to edit a book!

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New Release: Crumbled Bonds

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I realize it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. I have plenty of excuses, such as:

  • The husband keeps sending ninjas after me, and I have to fight them off.
  • It was so hot that I couldn’t think. Or move. Or even dredge up the will to eat ice cream (which is pretty serious).
  • I decided to write a 90k word rough draft of Jagged Scars Book 5 in three weeks=victory+fried brain.
  • A new season of iZombie came out in Netflix.
  • The hubby and I may or may not have been binge watching the last of Naruto Shippuden.
  • And I was working on this gem…

Available now on Amazon!

Jeff has exactly one thing left in this ruined world; his older brother, Dillon. They’ve seen and done things that drive most survivors crazy, and Jeff is afraid that the next encounter will push Dillon over the edge. After being hunted by Skinnies, as well as those who still claim humanity, they decide to head west over the mountains.

Their journey is interrupted when they stumble on a shielded building. The Starvation happened almost twenty years ago, but the possibility of what could be inside is too alluring to pass up. The two alone aren’t enough to crack the shield. If they want in, they’re going to have to ask for help, and asking for help means dealing with people who will slit your throat for a scrap of good food.

If you’ve read my Jagged Scars Series, then you already know Jeff, and you may have met Dillon. Ever wonder why the two don’t get along anymore? Well, here’s the story. This is a novella-so about half the length of one of my normal books-and can be read at any time during the series, but goes best between Shattered Dreams (book 3) and Crippled Hope (book 4).

Crumbled Bonds came out today! The e-book is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time. If you love action, survival stories, and the Walking Dead, check it out on Amazon Kindle.

If you haven’t read my Jagged Scars Series, book one, Fractured Memories, is FREE on Kindle.



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