What's Up With Jo Schneider

FanX 2021

I honestly didn’t realize how excited I was to see all my nerdy people until an hour into FanX this past week. Just a cozy get together with more than fifty thousand of our geeky friends! It felt like coming home. My favorite parts of FanX are:-People watching-Looking at all the cool costumes-Trolling Artist Alley

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Coptic Binding, Take Two!

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Check it out, I finished my thing! I’ve wanted to make a book for FOREVER, and I’m really grateful that I finally got the chance to do it. 🙂 I’ve already started on another one so I don’t forget how it’s done. What will I do with them?I have no idea.I’m sure I’ll think of

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Coptic Binding, Take One!

I’m doing a thing. Remember last year when I made those clamshell boxes for my Fairy Tale Academy series? This year I’ve decided to learn another book making technique! Coptic binding. Nope, I didn’t know what it was either, but after a wonderful tutorial from the University of Utah’s Book Arts program, this is what

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