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Random Act of Fiction: Restoration

I found this gem in a long-forgotten folder in my Dropbox. If I remember right, I wrote this story for a writing group many years ago. This version is really short, so maybe I wrote something different in the end. The prompt was a picture like the one below. Actually, this might be the picture.

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Random Act of Fiction

I’ve been stumped on what to blog about for the past few weeks, so you might get more of these random things I’ve written. This is the first chapter of a Super Secret Agent (Babes in Spyland) story I wrote for Nanowrimo a few years ago. It makes me giggle! It’s never been edited, so

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I Can’t Let it Go

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At the moment I’m 35k into a YA, military sci-fi series that is going to be awesome! I wrote 75k earlier this year and have had to ditch most of it. Why? Let’s just say I do my very best to tell an amazing story with characters that readers will cheer for. Round 1 of

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