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Books I Read in March

Life keeps getting in the way of my reading! Still, I managed to finish five books this month, which I’m happy about. My goal is to read fifty books this year. I believe this puts me at twelve down and thirty-eight to go!

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Whitney Award Books

I’ve spent the last few months reading these books. The awards are associated with a local writing conference that I’ve participated in on and off for years. In a couple of weeks, those of us who are eligible, get to vote on the books. First up is Romance! A handful of years ago, three of

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A Girl and Her Cat Book 5!

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It’s been a hot minute, but I finally have an update on the next book in my Girl and Her Cat series! I didn’t intend on this series becoming a sort of homage to what might happen if we still had social media during the apocalypse (or in this case, #NotAnApocalypse) but it has. Don’t

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