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I’ve been going to the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival for years. We go over the 4th of July weekend, reserving our hotel rooms a year in advance and getting tickets for the festival in January. As we all know, there’s a bit of a pandemic going on, and as a result the Shakespeare Festival was

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Why I Did It

Over the past nine weeks, I’ve read eighteen books that I reviewed on this blog. Here are some stats: Traditionally Published Books: 4 Indie (Self) Published Books: 14 Science Fiction: 9 Romance: 9 Books I would highly recommend to others: 2 Books I might recommend to others depending on their taste: 4 Sci-Fi that I

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Book Reviews: Attractive Nuisance and Under a Graveyard Sky

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Book Reviews Week Nine! Also the final week of this round of reviews. Romance book of the week: Attractive Nuisance: A Courtroom Mystery Romance by Jennifer Griffiths. I’ve known Jennifer for a long time, but haven’t read any of her newer romances, so I thought I would! Science Fiction book of the week: Under a

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