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More Geeky Inspiration

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I warned you I had a problem.

I collect geeky things, especially those that have meaning to me.

Last week I introduced you to the right self of my desk.

Today I’d like you to meet the middle, bottom shelf.

Behold, my shelf!

(I just noticed how messed up the numbering system is here. Sorry about that. It’s making me twitch, but I’m too lazy to fix it.)

  1. I do love me some irony. I jokingly asked a friend to make this for me, and she totally did! Isn’t it pretty? (Look close, it’s beautiful) It reminds me that I have amazing friends and that laughing is fun. 🙂
  2. This is a Generation One My Little Pony baby. As a kid I was OBSESSED with My Little Pony. I remember doing chores around the house so I could earn enough money to buy them. We lived pretty far away from a department store, so it was a big deal to talk my dad into taking me there so I could purchase yet another toy. Once I got so many points from the packages, I combined them and sent them away for this little dude. (You couldn’t buy him in the stores) I checked the mailbox every single day for weeks. It was totally worth it. This is one of the first things I remember having to put a lot of effort into getting, and it reminds me that the results can be worth the wait.
  3. The Sunder series is my white whale. It’s a YA Military Space Opera series that I’ve written the first book of three times. None of them have been good enough. I keep this where I can see it as a reminder that I need to believe in myself as a writer so I can finally tackle this again…someday.
  4. The nerdy hubby game me this. This is his way of saying he loves me. It’s pretty gaggy, but also adorable. Or should I say, adorkable? (love you, nerd)
  5. Who doesn’t need a random barrel of monkeys? I got these on a writing retreat with some great people. The monkeys remind me that I can’t always control the outcome of my professional choice because chaos ensues, and that sometimes you just need to be a little crazy.
  6. Mushu from Mulan needs no introduction or explanation. I saw this during Covid lockdown and begged the hubby to get it for me because it made me happy. (What, never seen a black and white before?)
  7. I got this from @nightcraftco in preparation for all of the tears that I’m going to elicit from my readers. I like to write awesome characters, and I’m not afraid to kill them!
  8. Naruto is the epitome of not giving up. Perseverance is his middle name, and his job is to stare at me and remind me of this daily.
  9. I got this at FanX a few years ago. I love the reimagining of this moment from Fellowship, and it reminds me to dig deeper instead of going with my first idea. (I can’t find the artist online, so if anyone knows who drew this please let me know so I can credit them!)

So, how did you like my stuff?

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Geeky Inspiration

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I have a problem.

I like to collect geeky things.

Especially geeky things that mean something to me.

Today you get a tour of one of the shelves of my desk! (Aren’t you lucky?)

Behold…my shelf!

1 – Aliens. I saw this show on TV when I was around 13, and I’ve been a lover of military science fiction with a splash of horror ever since! The fan fiction I wrote for these propelled me into writing genre fiction.

2 – Cat Ursula. If you like fairy tale retellings, and haven’t read my Fairy Tale Academy series, you should. Ursula is one of my favorite character in the books! She’s not a cat in my books.

3 – This was a stocking stuffer from my sister-in-law a few years ago. It helps me remember to not take things so seriously and to laugh more.

4 – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I enjoy romance. I love zombies. The fact that these two things were combined so masterfully (especially in the book) has always been a happy thing for me. Jane here reminds me to think outside the box, but don’t abandon what I like to write because other things seem shinier.

5 – Diamond Quill Award. I won this (the highest honor for a book from the League of Utah Writers) for my cautionary tale about how online predators lure kids into extortion, human trafficking, and even death. The other authors in the series and I just gave the rights for these books to a third party who rescues and helps victims of human sex trafficking. This award reminds me that I wrote a book that might help someone avoid a horrible fate.

6 – Local Authors and You. I’ve participated in dozens of local author events. I love talking and teaching about writing, I love chatting with new authors, and I like selling books. This reminds me that I’m not alone in my plight of authoring.

7 – Shikamaru. This is my favorite character from the anime Naruto. He’s one of the most intelligent characters in the show and reminds me to work smarter, not harder.

8 – Winner Duck. I got this at a writing retreat, and he reminds me that I’m not a loser, I’m a winner!

What do the decorations in your room/house say about you?

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Out of Gas

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Last week I put up a report of my 18 months as a full-time author. As I typed it up, I noticed that I’ve done a lot so far this year! I should be happy with that.

And I am.

Unfortunately, my current project is taking a lot of energy.

I mentioned it last week. And while it’s not secret, we’re not ready to do a public reveal on it yet. Which is kind of killing me. I swear forces have been conspiring against us every step of the way, and I have the feeling that it will continue even after these books are out.

It’s a difficult topic. Writing a few scenes made me cringe. But it’s important, and those of us involved really feel drawn to the project, and we’re not going to back down.

Even if I’m ready to throw in the towel and binge watch season three of Stranger Things all in one sitting. Which I am. But I won’t.

You see, I can’t even form complete sentences!

However, I just wanted to say that if you’re feeling, as Bilbo says, “thin..stretched like butter scraped over too much bread” don’t give up! It’s okay to take a break, but keep moving forward, even if it’s just in something little.

For instance. I did the laundry today. All of the loads. It’s even folded. This is my victory, and I will relish in it.

Also, I survived Kempo class. Sensei has decided it is time for hard workouts. Really hard workouts. In the summer heat? Gee, thanks. Pretty sure I lost ten pounds in sweat. I’ll take it.

I only have twenty four pages left to edit for my book in this killer project. Barring disaster it should be ready to go to the editor by the end of the week.

In the immortal words of Galaxy Quest


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Eighteen Months as a Full-Time Author

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It’s been a while since I reported on my progress as a full-time author, so I thought I would share.

This year has been a little bit crazy.

I released eight books in my Fairy Tale Academy Series!

I wrote an extra Academy story that was just released in this collection of Sleeping Beauty retellings.

I’ve written a first date of two of my most popular Academy characters that will come out in an anthology in the fall. You’ll have to wonder about that one for a bit.

I’m working on revisions for a special project that you’ll hear about in the coming months. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before, but it’s…important. Have you ever felt like you’re in the exact right place at the exact right time for something amazing to happen? That’s this project! More in the next few weeks on this!

I released two sweet romances under my Karly Stratford pen name!

As far as money goes, I’ve made leaps and bounds more this year than I have my whole career up to this point, which is amazing!

I’m still struggling with creative energy and motivation. Some weeks I can write a whole novel and other weeks I struggle to get a few words out each day. Balance is the key for me, and I’m still looking for that sweet spot in my creative brain.

The plan for the rest of the year keeps changing! I need to nail it down, but be assured, there will be some YA science fiction from Jo Schneider and more romance from Karly Stratford!

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