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New Releases!

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The two new-ish Academy stories I promised are here!

Until now, The Sleepy Princess was only in the Fractured Sleep anthology of stories. Now you can get it on its own.

The ebook is available now. The paperback should be available shortly.

Princess Aurora isn’t in the mood for nonsense.

After being asleep for 500 years, and then fighting her way out of a deadly briar patch, living at the Academy is a cake walk.

Or it was until Saru comes along with his irritating need to break the rules and get his way. Either she hates him or she’s beginning to like him…

When the tragic truth about their pasts comes to light, can they weather the storm, or will it tear them apart?

If you enjoy trouble-making boys, self-rescuing princesses, and a fresh twist on two old tales, this book is for you. Download your copy today!

*Note: This is Aurora’s side of the story, and therefore book 5.5 in the series. If you want to it from read Saru’s point of view, download The Monkey King.

Until now, The Undead Princess was only in the Fractured Snow anthology of stories. Now you can get it on its own.

The ebook is available now. The paperback should be available shortly.

Controlling the undead is not a pleasant experience.

Snow is only months from having her heart cut out so she can become the next queen of the undead. Before that happens, she’s determined to live a normal life at the Academy.

Or so she tells her mother. Snow’s real reason for attending the Academy is…complicated. And likely dangerous.

Enlisting a vampire prince to help her with her experiment isn’t supposed to be personal—he hates her like all of the other undead—but Dreven turns out to be more interesting (dare she think alluring?) than Snow anticipated.

They both want change in the undead realm, but when Snow’s experiment goes awry, will she have the courage to do what is needed to keep everyone safe?

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A Little Academy News

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It’s been a few years since I wrote my Academy books.

At first, there were only eight of them.

Now there are ten!

The other two have been around, but they’ve only been available in anthologies. Soon they will be their on books. Yay!

I’ve been working with an awesome artist to get the last two characters drawn, and this is what we’ve come up with!

What do you think?

The Undead Princess.
She’s a Litch…getting her heart cut out is par for the course.
The Sleepy Princess
Aurora woke up and slashed her way out of the thorns. She’s not worried about a bunch of royal snobs.

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An Update on My Alter Ego, Karly Stratford

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Karly has been writing up a storm, putting out curvy girl romances all year!

Check out the latest installment.

Meet Victoria and Logan!

How many coincidences does it take to make it fate?

Logan and I are flirting buddies.
That’s. It.
Or so I keep telling myself.

I met Logan because he lives in the same small Alaskan town as one of my best friends. While I’m there, Logan and I decided to be flirting buddies. Two weeks of fun with no commitment. It’s kind of perfect. Only when I leave it feels like I left a part of my heart in Alaska.

Then my only single cousin tells me that he’s engaged and that I need a plus one for the wedding.

Thanks a lot, cuz.

It turns out that Logan will be in the next state over the same week as the festivities.(Coincidence? I’m not sure.) He offers to join me, and I say yes.

When Logan’s ex makes an unexpected appearance, suddenly Logan and I are fake dating so she leaves him alone and my family gets off my back.

I’ll spare you the details of how we ended up in the same hotel suite.

Just how many of these things should I ignore before I give into Fate and let myself fall for the guy?

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Release Day for The Hunger Rises!

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Check it out! The third book in my Girl and Her Cat series out out today!

I’ve had so much fun writing these books! I’m excited to launch this one out into the world 🙂

What to expect:
The snarky cat is back
The government using mindful language
As many silly apocalyptic tropes as could fit in there without going over the top
Wyatt thinking he’s a genius
A high-speed bicycle chase

The eBook is available at Amazon. Paperbacks should be up in a few days.


Wyatt verified his address, then sat back. “You guys ready? We’re going to see burning buildings, rioting mobs, gang wars, and old women having fist fights.”

“Sorry, kid,” the driver spoke. “Most of the, uh, excitement has been centered around Grace Medical. Once we get clear of the grounds, things will be more normal.”

We’d emerged on the back side of the hospital and drove along a road that was likely for supply trucks. A chain link fence lined both sides of the path, and someone had draped tarps along them so I couldn’t see beyond.

“Trust me, you don’t want to look,” the driver said.

“We know,” Whitney said. “We were there.”

Wyatt folded his arms across his chest and let out a humph. “No riots? No zombie hoards? This is a lame apocalypse.”

“Because it’s not the apocalypse,” Whitney reminded him.

“Whatever. Don’t ruin my dreams.”

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