#Seen – Book 1 of the North Star to Freedom Series

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#Seen – Book 1 of the North Star to Freedom Series

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Last week I shared a bit about how I got involved in fighting the biggest growing crime in the world.

Sounds dramatic, right?

Well, it is.

This week  book one of the series, #Seen, is out!

Scroll down past the book to read Taylor Hart’s “Why”
I should warn you, she’s a bit…intense. 😉

The ebook is 99 cents this week only!

She loses her prom date, her chance at cheer captain, and her friends all in one day! Will Sammy Lewis ever get her chance to be #Seen? Good thing there’s two new kids at school to help her out!

Zoey Thompson never expected to get hand-picked by a philanthropic billionaire Cyrus Black for an elite, undercover team to stop online predators from targeting teens. And she really never expected to have a broody, hot partner named Nicholas who keeps telling her not to ask about his past. Sheesh—he’s not the only one with secrets, so whatever!

Enter Sammy Lewis, sixteen-year-old cheerleader at Montrose High. Sammy has everything—a boyfriend, two best friends, and a shot at becoming cheer captain for the upcoming state cheer competition. Too bad she loses them all in one day. Good thing she has Instagram and @hunterlives, the only guy who really understands her.

Posing as cheerleaders, Zoey and Nicholas think they’re getting through to Sammy about the dangers of her situation. That is, until Sammy runs off in search of the guy who really isn’t her boyfriend at all.

Will they get there in time, or will it be the last time Sammy Lewis is ever #seen?

From Taylor Hart

Super Secret Terrifying Project I’ve been working on.
Seriously you guys, my hands are shaking.
Because this project has been—INSANE!
Insanely hard. Insanely awesome! Insanely Fun!


I know you’re ready to hear the two-second newsclip version of what I’ve been doing, but I’m sorry—I have to tell you more!

Have you ever had that moment when you see a world’s problem and then you look away quick because–

1-it’s scary
3-it doesn’t do any good to think about it.

Me too.

For the last—10 years I won’t even watch the news.

My parents think I’m unpatriotic


But—I had one of those experiences—that grabbed my attention and inspired me to try to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

And it involves these AMAZING BOOKS I’m RELEASING with 2 other AMAZING authors over the next few weeks!

Here’s how it went:

A couple of months I saw a FB Live between Timothy Ballard speaking with Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins has been a personal hero of mine for roughly 15 years. I love his personal development material and he really helped changed the way I look at the world and he has helped me gain strategies to more effectively deal with my emotions and my business, etc.

Timothy Ballard was a special agent for Homeland Security for ten years, then he left and has made it his life mission to rescue children from being trafficked. I have read many of his books and he has a love of country and he’s a man on a mission.

During this FB Live, Tony asked Timothy Ballard—what can people do to help. And Timothy said, “I don’t mean to sound preachy about it, but I feel preachy—talk about it, blog about it, write a book on it.”

And—I felt it. Call it—the spirit, my inner voice, or whatever you call it. But, I felt that rush of inward, outward chills and I heard a little voice say—‘you could write a book about it.’

Seriously, at this point I said, out loud, “I don’t write books about that.”

Ha! I argued WITH GOD.

It’s not a good thing. In fact—don’t do it! 🙂

But–I write books about fun romances. Not-child trafficking.


I don’t even want to think about it. I have four children and IT SCARES ME.

And—then I HEARD what I had said—I have FOUR children.

I knew, I had to do something. But I pushed it away.

Two months later, I met Cammy Boker—and she—is AWESOME.

HER website is here. But she has made helping children her mission too.

This was when I discovered that predators. Online predators, trafficking rings and CRAZY WEIRDO. Bleep bleep bleep kind of people are trying to get to OUR children.

Right here. In America.

In my own city.

Of course, once you start digging, you find more and more. That’s what I discovered. I interviewed parents whose daughter LEFT WILLINGLY on a bus for Vegas, because she thought she had a boyfriend.

Another girl—thought she was going to be a model.

These psychopath predators are pretending to be friends, boyfriends, modeling agents to our CHILDREN.

Not just girls.

Boys, too.

They are getting our children to be ‘friends’ with them—through instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. etc. etc. AND send SEX TEXTS back and forth with them—and then they Blackmail them.

Tell them—they will kill their siblings, their parents, etc. Convincing them that they are BEYOND LOST.

Ok. End rant.

You are getting the idea.

Soo—drumroll…I teamed up with 2 other amazing authors. And—it was ROUGH.

Miracle—I met Timothy Ballard—walking out of the mall.

And-I told him what we were doing and he said—‘write the books for the teens, I get more calls everyday about the teens.’

How were we going to write these books for kids?

Jo Schneider is a dear friend of mine and when I spoke to her about this she was in and it made my heart soar. And she came back with an amazing idea to have a team of kids go in under cover. Do you remember the old 21 Jump St.? With Johnny Depp? Honestly, I have never heard of it.
So I went back and I watched some of the old 21 Jump Street they are available on prime right now for free 🙂 and I knew Jo had been inspired.

Because it gave us a format where we could write these books in a fun way we can have a quickie team of kids going in under cover. But the kids would have a past of getting out of being trafficked. No not all of them have been trafficked but their lives have been affected by it maybe it’s one of their siblings or friend.

Heather Horrocks, who is a friend of mine and Jo’s got involved with us. And Heather brought so much excitement and energy she passed the project forward to completion.

I’m not gonna lie to you, as a mother ever so many times I wanted to quit. And there was so much opposition to bringing these books forward.

But our mantra became #justonechild #justoneteen #justonegirl #justoneboy

If we could raise awareness and PREVENT #justone

From getting caught up in sex trafficking, then … it will be worth it.

So now I’m here … asking you … NOT to turn away. Not – to push this email out of your mind. NOT – to ignore these books.

Read them.

They are clean. No swearing. No sex. You do—know bad things have happened and it is alluded to and talked about.

How can we NOT talk about it?

Phones—are NOT going away. Apps—different apps, new apps—are going to keep coming.


Talk to them.

Explain it.

Have them read these!

Have them learn—through our characters—what NOT to do. And what to do!
Help them!!
Educate them!
Inform them!
Save them!


It’s intense. I know. I feel intense about it! And—I’m asking for your help to spread the word.

All of the profits of these books are being donated to O.U.R. or to GlobalEP.


So I don’t feel bad being preachy! And I don’t feel bad asking.

My hand—in your hand.

The best part about the WORST THING—is just like the times of the Civil War—when there was LEGALIZED SLAVERY in this country—




You have a chance!

Read them! Talk about them! Blog about them! Social Media Share! Tell your kids! Your sister! Your brother!

Open your mouth!

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