A Girl and Her Cat Book 5!

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A Girl and Her Cat Book 5!

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It’s been a hot minute, but I finally have an update on the next book in my Girl and Her Cat series!

I didn’t intend on this series becoming a sort of homage to what might happen if we still had social media during the apocalypse (or in this case, #NotAnApocalypse) but it has.

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of snark, action, and end-of-the-world fun. 🙂

If you haven’t read this series, I suggest you try it out!

Here’s the new book, up for pre-order now.

Surrendering isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Everly and Echo turned themselves over to the government so her friends could get out of the city. So why are they making social media videos from a nearby park? She is so going to have words with them.

The opportunity to go from the frying pan and into fire comes in the form of a general who asks Everly to join her at a secret laboratory where they hope Echo can help with the antidote. This gives Everly even less freedom than she has now, but it might end the crisis faster.

Anything to get back to Wyatt and the others sooner is a chance Everly is willing to take. Even if it involves technology she’s never seen, the hard truth about the poison, and a choice that puts the trolley problem to shame.

Pre Order your copy today!

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