Old Ladies

The area that I live in is filled with houses. Most have been around for fifty or more years. There is also a huge condo complex and a smattering of apartments. The church congregation that I go to is mostly filled with people over the age of 80 and young couples who have just had

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Writing-1 Kung Fu Fighting-0

This morning I had to go into work. I’m usually a morning person (just ask my sister) but getting up to be at work by 6am on a Saturday morning was brutal. The donuts and bagels (with cream cheese) helped a little in making me forget that I had gone temporarily insane, but they could

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and so it begins . . .

What should I type? This is my very first blog entry. I feel like it should be meaningful, monumental . . . like it should say something! Something like what? Huh, I’ve got nothing. Hold please, while I dredge. There is an epic battle going on inside of me. I love to write, and I

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