Why Pockets are so Important

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Why Pockets are so Important

Last night I had a chance to edit the first chapter of my novel. The writing group I belong to is getting together on Wednesday, and I wanted to get my first chapter out to them early so they could tell me how crap-tastic it was. The chapter was ready last night, but I hesitated. Surely one more read-through in the morning wouldn’t hurt?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.. I suppose one more read-through would not have hurt . . . had I remembered to bring the flash drive my novel is on to work. You see I put on a new pair of pants this morning. (Pants I got for $4.98 I must brag) Being new pants, I was unfamiliar with their, uh, amenities. Apparently the only amenities these pants offer is showing off my girlish figure. They have no pockets!

I usually put the flash drive in my pocket, but when I found I had no pockets I simply skipped that step of my morning ritual and went straight for breakfast. I love breakfast. Cereal, sausage, yogurt, pancakes, bacon—there I go digressing again. The point is that I got to work before I realized I had left the flash drive at home. Figures. So now I get to go read through Chapter 1 one more time and send it out. I’m kinda scared. This is the first time I’ve been really serious about writing a novel for publication. If I suck, someone will tell me, right?

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June 9, 2010at 9:45 pm

A lot of my pant don't have pockets…I hate it. I mean really Someone goes to the trouble of inventing such a handy thing and woman's fashion OPT NOT to have them?! This along with stiletto heals and and pantyhose proves that women have a long way to go before they whoop male butt.

I must point out the men wore heals and pantyhose first then dropped them in favor of more practical things like pockets and boxers.

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