Writing-1 Kung Fu Fighting-0

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Writing-1 Kung Fu Fighting-0

This morning I had to go into work. I’m usually a morning person (just ask my sister) but getting up to be at work by 6am on a Saturday morning was brutal. The donuts and bagels (with cream cheese) helped a little in making me forget that I had gone temporarily insane, but they could not give me back my missed sleep.

Back to the treats—this morning there were these two donuts from a great place called Banbury Cross that looked like little, conical pyramids of glazed, diced hash browns. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m not even sure that a conical pyramid is a valid shape, now that I think about it. Well, they looked great, and I thought about trying the glazed hash browns, but the chocolate covered old-fashioned called louder. And who can resist the call of a chocolate covered donut? Okay, I know a few people who can, but I believe they have been genetically altered as walking advertisements for radical diets.

Anyway, after working this morning I missed Kempo class. I managed to get some writing done this afternoon, so I guess the writer is now up on the ninja 1-0. Go aspiring writer girl! Don’t worry folks, the ninja wanna-be will get her revenge.

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