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The Grand Canyon Really was Grand

If any of you get my newsletter, you’ll know that Jagged Scars Book 5 is kicking my butt. It’s like:

Book: 137

Jo: -9

I’ve written the first 45,000 words twice. The entire 90,000+ words once, then again, and it’s still not right. And since I refuse to put out a book before I feel like it’s as good as I can make it, you still have at least a month and a half before it will see the light of day. I think I need to take a week off and write something else. Maybe angry rap lyrics.

September was crazy busy. Which probably didn’t help me get ahead on the writing. My nephew got married the first weekend, the hubby and I went to the Grand Canyon the second weekend, Salt Lake Comic Con was the third weekend, then we had to catch up on everything else the last weekend of the month.

Hopefully you’ll be okay with some Grand Canyon pictures. I’ve lived in the Intermountain West my entire life, and had never been to the Grand Canyon before. I’ve seen it from the air a few times, but never from the ground.

We enjoyed a beautiful drive down from Salt Lake. The cclouds decided they wanted to show off for us, so I took a couple of pictures.

We stopped at the Hoover Dam on our way in and the Glen Canyon Dam on our way out. Both were impressive in their own rights. The engineering alone was fascinating, especially considering the level of technology they had when the Hoover Dam was built. I admit that my engineering nerd came out for a bit there.




The west rim of the Grand Canyon hosts the Skywalk. It is a “U” shaped platform that juts out over the canyon and back. The middle three feet of the walk is see-through. I totally jumped up and down on the glass and took my time. The hubby wasn’t as thrilled with it. A guy in front of us summed it up for the hubby. “My legs are anything but relaxed right now.”

They won’t let you take any personal affects out on the Skywalk, so don’t have any pictures looking down, but I did take this one from a little bit away. I got in trouble for being too close to the edge when I took it. I wasn’t concerned…

This is my hubby showing off the canyon.

Just imagine him saying “Behold.”




The next day we headed to the south rim. We took the 2 mile path along the edge and snapped at least 500 pictures between the two of us. In my defense, each time I walked more then ten feet the canyon looked different.

It was a great trip, and reminded me that I actually like being outside. As long as there is a toilet nearby. Anyone with me on that?


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Report and Giveaway

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I thought I would do a quick check-in. Summer is always a dangerous balancing act between too much fun and not enough time. Hopefully everyone got through relatively unscathed.

I’m in the midst of editing Jagged Scars Book 5. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve already seen this picture. This is about 2/3 of my plot. The pink tabs are big problems, the orange are minor problems, and I scrapped the entire finale, which is on the table next to the desk.

I keep telling myself it will be awesome! I won’t settle for anything less.


In the meantime, Fractured Memories is part of a Badass Babes & Bullets giveaway! If you’re hankering for a female protagonist that can kick anyone’s trash, click the image below. All of the books are free! Fractured Memories is in there, but I assume you’ve already read that. 😉



So go, enjoy the last threads of summer. I’m going to edit a book!

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New Release: Crumbled Bonds

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I realize it has been a while since you’ve heard from me. I have plenty of excuses, such as:

  • The husband keeps sending ninjas after me, and I have to fight them off.
  • It was so hot that I couldn’t think. Or move. Or even dredge up the will to eat ice cream (which is pretty serious).
  • I decided to write a 90k word rough draft of Jagged Scars Book 5 in three weeks=victory+fried brain.
  • A new season of iZombie came out in Netflix.
  • The hubby and I may or may not have been binge watching the last of Naruto Shippuden.
  • And I was working on this gem…

Available now on Amazon!

Jeff has exactly one thing left in this ruined world; his older brother, Dillon. They’ve seen and done things that drive most survivors crazy, and Jeff is afraid that the next encounter will push Dillon over the edge. After being hunted by Skinnies, as well as those who still claim humanity, they decide to head west over the mountains.

Their journey is interrupted when they stumble on a shielded building. The Starvation happened almost twenty years ago, but the possibility of what could be inside is too alluring to pass up. The two alone aren’t enough to crack the shield. If they want in, they’re going to have to ask for help, and asking for help means dealing with people who will slit your throat for a scrap of good food.

If you’ve read my Jagged Scars Series, then you already know Jeff, and you may have met Dillon. Ever wonder why the two don’t get along anymore? Well, here’s the story. This is a novella-so about half the length of one of my normal books-and can be read at any time during the series, but goes best between Shattered Dreams (book 3) and Crippled Hope (book 4).

Crumbled Bonds came out today! The e-book is on sale for $1.99 for a limited time. If you love action, survival stories, and the Walking Dead, check it out on Amazon Kindle.

If you haven’t read my Jagged Scars Series, book one, Fractured Memories, is FREE on Kindle.



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Scavenger Hunt Time!

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Stop #26 or Bust

Hey awesome YA readers. If you don’t know about the Alliance of Young Adult Author’s Summer Scavenger Hunt, go here for all the info.

I know you’re going to be absolutely shocked that I’m having a giveaway to go along with the Scavenger Hunt. If you love Post Apocalyptic action/adventure survival stories, and amazing characters (if I do say so myself) then check out my Jagged Scars Series.

The first book, Fractured Memories, is FREE on Amazon right now!

Sixteen year old Wendy never knew the world before the Starvation. She’s learned to put her trust in her knives, and her confidence in her fighting ability. When the Skinnies attack her compound, she’s the lone survivor.

Book 2, Severed Ties, is free if you sign up for my Newsletter. I never Spam, just let you know about giveaways, new releases and other awesome book I’m reading. Oh, and the “amazing” things my husband says. He thinks he’s hilarious…but he’s disillusion, so there’s that.

Also, and this is where it gets good, I’m going to giveaway four copies of my newest release in either Kindle or Nook form. It’s a Jagged Scars Novella called Crumbled Bonds. It won’t be released until June 30th, but if you win I’ll get you a pre-release copy as soon as they are ready.

Check out that cover. You know you want it. And if you’ve read any of my Jagged Scars books, that’s Jeff and Dillon. Need I say more? Okay, fine. Here you go.

Jeff only has one person left in this ruined world, his brother, Dillon. Their plan to head west over the mountains to look for refuge is interrupted when they stumble on a shielded building. The Starvation happened almost twenty years ago, but the mystery of what could be inside is too alluring to pass up. 

The two alone aren’t enough to crack the shield, so they risk a temporary alliance with strangers who they hope won’t stab them in their sleep or feed them to the Skinnies. When things go well, the strangers offer Jeff and Dillon a place among them, but Jeff quickly learns that while these people seem normal, there is something going on underneath the surface that will rip he and Dillon apart. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Word #26 is KINGDOM

Next Stop: Logan Keys


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