When Life is Terrifying!

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When Life is Terrifying!

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I’ve been writing for a while and have quite a few books out.

I’ve sent plenty of manuscripts to beta readers. For most of those I’ve expected some tough-love feedback to come back to me. That’s why I have beta readers, because I can’t catch everything myself.

Over the past eight years I’ve developed a pretty thick skin. I sort of remember how scary it was to send my first books to people for beta reading or reviews.

Or thought I did.

Now I remember.

Last week I sent out a finished, but not final, manuscript for my first YA Science Fiction Military Space Opera to beta readers.

After I hit the send button I literally wanted to run away and hide.


I’m comfortable writing the post-apocalyptic books, the contemporary fantasy, the fairy tale retellings, and the romances. Straight up sci-fi is new for me, and therefore, terrifying.

What if everyone hates it? What if it actually sucks?

I always think my books suck, but deep inside I have an idea of how much they suck.

This time, I’ve got nothing.

So, to pass the time while my book is away, I’m writing another romance. This one is a curvy girl romantic comedy that should keep everyone, including me laughing.

I’ll let you know how many packages of Oreos I go through when the comments come back from my beta readers.

There will probably be tears. They could be of joy or sorrow.

For anyone out there who’s trying something new, I feel you. We’re practically kin.

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