His Movie Star Second Chance Bachelorette

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His Movie Star Second Chance Bachelorette

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The holidays are creeping ever closer.

Do you find yourself humming Christmas songs?

Are you ready for a season of Hallmark-Style Romances?

If so, I have something for you!

The last of my Holiday Romances (released under my pen name Karly Stratford) is out today!

Each story is a small town, second chance romance set during the holidays.

This is the story of Preston and Anna. It was love at first sight, but Anna knew he was too good for her, and she ran away.

A stuntman with a heart of gold.

The movie star who let him get away.


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Preston Decker blacked two weeks out of his filming schedule to spend Christmas with his family. His older brothers have recently found love, and they’re pressuring him to get a girlfriend. No thanks, the last one broke his heart. Unfortunately said ex-girlfriend shows up at his house begging him to be a stuntman in her latest film. She’s willing to pay him whatever he wants.

Anna Jordan, or Berry as the world calls her, is producing a film that’s cursed. First everyone got the flu, and now the lead stuntman broke his leg. The only stuntman available who can pull it off is Preston. They’d dated. He was the perfect guy, and she knew she’d never be good enough for him. She also knew he would probably help her.

When Berry laments that the cast and crew are going to be away from their families for Christmas, Preston comes up with a brilliant idea. When things begin to fall apart, they each must decide what they value most. Can they make a Christmas miracle for themselves? Or will they spend New Year’s alone again?


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