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Not Quite A Prince Release!

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For those of you who don’t know, I write sweet and clean romance under the name Karly Stratford. Today I have a new release!

This is my first intentional swing at a romantic comedy. For the past few months I’ve been forcing the hubby to watch a bunch of old RomComs so I could get a good feel for them.

I quickly realized that there is more to writing humor than there is to showing it on a screen. So I got a few books about it and started doing some research.

This book took me a while to write, but it makes me laugh.

Hopefully it will tickle your funny bone too!

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Will this man be

My downfall?

I have one last party to host at my aunt’s bed and breakfast before I go back to my day job.

Unfortunately, Fate has decided to twist the week into one of my television productions.

1-My rival, the Prince of Television, walks in.
2-His shorts leave his well-defined calf muscles horribly exposed.
3-Only one room in the place has reliable Wi-Fi.
4-He makes fun of the love triangle in my latest show.
5-I fight back with snide remarks about his train-wreck of a season finale.

Cue the laugh track.

What? No. Of course I’m not flirting with him.

He’s the enemy.

Tune in as Gwen and Royce star in their own romantic comedy. It could be cancelled after the pilot episode or be picked up for the entire season!

Get your copy from Amazon today!

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‘Tis the Season…for Christmas Romances

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I’ve been working hard on my Karly Stratford pen name.

Karly writes sweet and clean, Hallmark-style romances.

The Christmas season is quickly approaching, and if you need to get into the spirit, I seriously recommend these books!

This year Karly is releasing e a set of Christmas Football romances!

The first is in this set of NINE Small Town Christmas Romances! The other stories are amazing. This collection is only going to be around for a few months, so get your copy now. (Click on the cover)

My story is Her Christmas Middle Blocker!
It’s a small town romance with a plus-size heroine who believes the arts are more important than football. Zak hopes he can convince her that both are valuable.

The other three books in the series are out too!

He’s a millionaire quarterback
She cleans the locker room
Neither has time for love…
He’s supposed to fall for the movie star
Not her best friend
*Formerly published as The Haunted Groom*
She’s his crush from junior high
He’s the annoying kid from next door
They’re both home for Christmas
*Formerly published as The About Face Groom*

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He’s Just a Guy

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The third, and final, book of Karly Stratford’s Summer Romances is out!

This one takes place in Seattle. After researching all of the fun things to do in Seattle, I really want to go there! But only after things calm down. Am I right?

Allie just sent another roommate into wedded bliss, and her goal is to stay away from guys. She does not need a man to make her happy, thank you very much.

Max just broke up with the woman he thought he loved. He’s not in the market for a relationship.

Fate, however, has other plans for them both.

She doesn’t need a guy to save her

He doesn’t need a woman to be happy

Both are lying to themselves

He stopped breathing when she opened the door, and his brain refused to work.

Allie Dalton. His friend’s little sister, and the one girl he’d always wanted to go out with, but had never found the courage to ask.

She was staring at him. Was that surprise in her gaze, or irritation?

He should say something.

With her sister in a cast from her toes to her hip, Allie doesn’t expect anything but movies and take-out for the week.

Then Max Ashly—her secret crush from high school—knocks on the door.

Allie just sent yet another roommate off into wedded bliss, and isn’t in the mood for some super-handsome, well-dressed guy to sweep her off her feet.

But this was Max, and she’d always wondered what it would be like to hold his hand…

Can Max and Allie get over their personal issues and seize the day, or will they allow themselves to drift apart once again?

Find out today!


Allie walked with him to the front door. “Thanks for coming over, it was good to see you.”

Max plucked up his courage. “Same. You know, if you want to go see something, I can totally take you.”

She ducked her head. “Thanks, but I think I’ll be here most of the time, looking after Becky. You know how she is, if you leave her alone too long, she’ll do something stupid like try to go down the school stairs on a sled.”

Max laughed. “She broke her collar bone that time, right?”

“Yup. Got her out of a bunch of school work, which wasn’t exactly fair.”

“I remember.” Max smiled. He’d forgotten how funny Allie was, and he wasn’t ready to walk away from her. Hadn’t Virginia just been telling him he needed to find a fun girl? “I’m serious about the offer to go see the sights or whatever.” He reached into his pocket and drew out one of his cards. “The bottom number is my cell. Can I have your number, since Becky might not be the most reliable at the moment?”

“Sure.” She rattled off her number, and he saved it in his phone.

Max stopped in the open door. “It was good to see you.” He willed her to take him up on his offer, but instead she smiled and waved.

“I’ll see you later.”

“So, you’re going to call me?”

“We’ll see.” She smiled as she shut the door.

Max wondered how long he had to wait before it was socially acceptable to call her.

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The Decker Family Collection is Here!

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I wrote the Decker Family books under my pen name, Karly Stratford. They released from last November to this March. I’ve finally made a box set out of them!

This collection includes five fun and flirtatious, full-length, sweet and clean romance novels.

They may not know it, but even a football player, a special ops pilot, a movie star, a YouTube sensation, and a billionaire are in danger of falling for the sassy women who will love them!

Book 1: His Mortal Enemy Second Chance Bachelorette
Flint’s an all-star running back. Brenna’s a big-city lawyer. They’ve been rivals since kindergarten. When they find out that the church from their childhood is getting torn down, they join forces to save it, and in the process they just might save each other.

Book 2: His First Love Second Chance Bachelorette
Brad’s an injured special ops pilot. Morgan is his physical therapist. They’d dated in high school. She won’t marry a soldier, and that’s all Brad’s ever wanted to be. Now they both must decide if their love for one another can bridge that gap, or if there is an alternate solution.

Book 3: His Movie Star Second Chance Bachelorette
Preston is one of the best stuntmen in Hollywood. His ex, actress Anna Jordan, is taking the world by storm. She knew she wasn’t good enough for him, but when a film she’s producing falls apart, she goes to Preston for help. The quest to save the film turns into a second chance, but will they take it before it slips through their fingers?

Book 4: Her British Billionaire Second Chance Bachelor
Chloe almost called Oliver before coming to London, but she figured a billionaire wouldn’t have time for a girl who’d never been brave enough to tell him how she felt. When he comes to see her she vows to do anything to spend time with him, even be his pretend girlfriend. Can she gather her courage and confess her feelings, or will they part again as friends?

Book 5: His Body Guard Second Chance Bachelorette
Is loathing at first sight a thing? Cody doesn’t have time for a body guard, despite threats from fans. Mia would rather guard a crocodile than Cody Decker. All of Cody’s attempts to ditch Mia fail, leaving him impressed and intrigued. When Mia’s past comes back to haunt her, a storm threatens to tear them apart. Only their determination will save their relationship.

Get your copy today!

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