October Book Update

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October Book Update

I’ve read or listened to 46 books in 2023!

It took me a while to get through the Sci Fi book because it was pretty long, so most of these were audio books.

Behold…the books I either read or listened to in October.

Clean RomCom
If you like the following tropes, read this book: boss crush, age gap, mutual crush, surprise daughter, forced proximity, a ranch…
I listened to this one and sadly I’m not in love with the narrator.
Light Horror
I wrote a whole blog post on this book. I pretty much loved it. Full of classic horror references and told from the point of view of a familiar dog named Snuff. Seriously. Check it out.
Urban Fantasy
The snarky main character sort of reminded me of Dresden. Interesting world building. Fun premise.
I listened to this one, and the narrator did a decent job.
Military Sci Fi
With a fantasy-ish twist
A special ops soldier ends up with alien tech in his head that lets him see the future…which isn’t bright. I liked the characters and I’d consider reading book 2. (Which is high praise from me.)

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