Books I Read in April

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Books I Read in April

We did some traveling this month, which means I got to listen to or read books on the plane!
When I wasn’t watching movies, that is. What can I say, I’m a sucker for The Fifth Element.

I read five books this month!

My goal is to read fifty books this year. I believe this puts me at seventeen. Only thirty-three to go!

This one had very interesting world-building, a mystery, and some fun characters. The title is both misleading and spot on.
YA Sci-Fi
The hubby and I enjoyed the first three books in this series and listened to this one on our road trip. Fun read. Really liked the additional depth to the side characters. Now I REALLY want a doom slug.
Midlife Urban Fantasy
I’ve been considering writing in this genre, so I thought I’d try this book out. I enjoyed it enough to listen on the plane and even laughed out loud a few times. A 40 year old divorcee basically inherits a magical house that she has to take control of. Great cast of characters. If you’re a woman over 40 this will probably crack you up!

Military Sci-Fi
Short and punchy, this one deals with the fleet rejects and how they play a part in saving the empire. Easy, quick ready.
Midlife Urban Fantasy
More about the main character adjusting to the world of magic, her inner gargoyle, assembling a team, and trying to date. I liked the first one better, but this had some fun moments.
There is some steam in this one, in case that’s a deciding factor for you.

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