I Wrote Stuff this Year!

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I Wrote Stuff this Year!

This year was hard.

I know, I know, last year was hard too, but no one expected anything to get done in 2020.

2021 was supposed to be different.

Mine started out with a week straight of Covid19 hi-low fevers, nausea, vertigo, brain fog, and not being able to taste Diet Coke.

Considering I have asthma I’m pretty happy to report that I weathered Covid without any lasting symptoms.

Although it did take me almost two months to come out of the brain fog. That sucked.

Early March through July was consumed with my husband’s family farm. I don’t mind hard work, but it was REALLY hard work.

Things kind of calmed down after that in the way that you slow down from 80mph to 70mph.

In my mind I’d wasted the whole year doing ‘things.’

Imagine my surprise when I counted up the books I published in 2021.

This represents almost 400,000 published words in four genres. It includes my step back into apocalyptic fiction, my first horror anthology, my dive into romantic comedy, and a call back to my sweet and clean romances.

One of my failings is that I tend to skip the celebration phase of finishing a project. I need to stop doing that. I should have had eight parties this year!

I hope you can be kind to yourself, look back on 2021, and pick out the good things that happened. Celebrate them, no matter how small.

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Joni Mann

December 29, 2021at 7:20 pm

This year was difficult, yes! I’m so glad you came out of it with experience and resilience. I’ve never done a family farm yet but hope we can all have a normalized year now. Looking forward to more Flash Fiction Friday. Good luck, glad to hear you’re making waves in the world!

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