and so it begins . . .

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and so it begins . . .

What should I type? This is my very first blog entry. I feel like it should be meaningful, monumental . . . like it should say something! Something like what? Huh, I’ve got nothing. Hold please, while I dredge.

There is an epic battle going on inside of me. I love to write, and I love to do Kempo. Each day there is a skirmish, and I never know who is going to win, the aspiring writer, or the wanna-be ninja. I know, I know, ninja are from Japan and technically Kempo is from China. Don’t lecture me on cross referencing the martial arts—I just love to hit stuff. Oh, and kicking. Kicking is good too. Every once in a while I write a good fight scene, and both sides of the battle are satisfied. Those are the days when the whole world is in balance and everything is right. So pretty much once every six and a half years on the blue moon in February. Drat, there I go with tangents again. Have I mentioned my susceptibility to distractions?

I suppose I could mention that I’m writing a novel. Well, I’m writing my fourth novel. The first three were part of those 1 million words that have to be written by an aspiring author before the good stuff starts coming out. Maybe this novel will be part of those words as well, I won’t know until I’ve written it. I wonder if I could copy and paste the same word 1 million times in order to make the quota. Or do I have to actually type the word that many times? I’ll have to think about that.

My goal is to have the first draft of this novel written by August 5th. It is a young adult novel set in our world with some fantasy elements. No, sorry, no vampires. I’ll probably use this blog to vent about writers block, unruly characters, plot holes big enough to sail cruise ships through and whatever else comes between me and getting round one of the novel finished by August.

Either that or I will vent about having to kick people twice as tall as me in the head. But no whining, because Sensei charges $5 for whining, and I believe there is a fee for whining about the $5 charge. Not to mention being used as the punch in dummy, which leaves bruises that make my neighbors wonder who I hang out with in my spare time.

Oh fine, I’ll go work on the novel. Wish me luck!



June 5, 2010at 10:55 am

So fun! I can't wait to read more entries. And one day when you're all rich and famous and stuff, I can say that I knew you way back when AND I got to be the first comment on your blog (assuming someone else didn't just beat me to the punch). How cool am I? Cool enough that I can say I know you, anyway.
By the way, my reader will thank you when you're added. It's been lacking in some new posts lately.


June 5, 2010at 10:55 am

Congratulations on starting your blog! I laughed several times:)


June 5, 2010at 1:40 pm

For those wondering about your spare time…Rule #1 Don't talk about fight club. Rule #2 Don't talk about fight club.

Sad thing is I never saw that movie. I got that line from NCIS.

I really need to write that manga about you…Vampire Ninja Jo. It's about a writer who is also a ninja and possibly a vampire, but we're not sure yet.


June 5, 2010at 1:43 pm

I was trying to stay away from the whole vampire thing, but I guess ninja vampires are okay.

Oh, and Stacey, you are the coolest.

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