Random Act of Fiction: Never Underestimate the Old Lady

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Random Act of Fiction: Never Underestimate the Old Lady

This Random Act of Fiction is so old that there were still double spaces between the sentences. I kicked that habit YEARS ago. 🙂

This is a snippet of a scene from a post-apocalyptic story about an 65 year-old woman who survived and is trying to fix everything.

She’s sassy. And basically a ninja. I really need to get back to this one someday.

This is her motto.

Belle looked calmly down the barrel of her gun at the young man who was looking calmly down the barrel of his gun at her. For a moment the only sound to be heard was the dripping of water in the dark alley.

“What do you want, old lady?” The youth asked, his dark eyes looking down into hers.

“I came for one of my people.” Belle’s eyes searched for any sign that this boy was from the AMO gang. He was cloaked in a long, black coat, his dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She could find nothing that linked him with the people she was looking for. “I have no quarrel with you therefore I have no reason to kill you.” Belle shrugged. “Not unless you give me one.”

The young man seemed to study her for a moment before he snorted a short laugh. “Go back to your nursing home, old lady.”

Apparently he was not going to take Belle seriously.

She smiled. “Oh good!” Before the boy could react his gun was kicked away and Belle had hers pointed at the top of his head through his chin. “And I thought this was going to be a boring job.”

“Come on, Belle.” A man stepped from the shadows. “We’re wasting time. If it’s Tamlul who has Robby we need to hurry.”

Belle smiled as she felt the young man tense beside her when another man stepped from the shadows. “He might be able to help us.” Belle said, patting the boy on the shoulder. “It never hurts to consult the locals.”

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