Hit the Half-A-Century Mark!

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Hit the Half-A-Century Mark!

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No, not me. I’m not that old!

I flipped my computer on Monday and pulled up my Amazon account and guess what I saw?

You probably won’t guess, so I’ll show you.

Check out the number of reviews!!

Remember I asked for 43 reviews by the end of July because I turned 43? Well, that momentum has continued. Yay. 🙂 I’m super glad that I didn’t have to wait until I was 52 to get 52 reviews.

I’ve been waiting for the day when my number of reviews got above 50. That day was Monday. So THANK YOU to all those who have read and reviewed my books. It means a lot to any author.

If you have a favorite author (besides me *wink*) consider leaving them a review. And if you’re not sure exactly how to write a book review, check out my blog post on the matter HERE.



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