Books Read in January

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Books Read in January

January was a busy month for me.

I was gone for eight days on a cruise. Then, a week later, we went to Alaska to see the northern lights.

You would think I would have read a bunch on the cruise, but I ended up playing games with my family and watched movies on the plane.

I started one book and stopped reading at 25%. I might pick it up and finish it, but I was kind of bored, and that’s not good when you’re staring down another 75% of a book that’s over 500 pages long.

If I remember right, I made the goal to read 50 books this year.

I’m already behind. Hopefully I can catch up!

Sweet and Clean RomCom
Cute and fun with a sassy lady. There was more than just the romance plot to this one.
Military Sci-Fi
I’ve listened to a bunch of the books in this series, and I keep coming back for the characters. This was a fun radio drama style installment that leads nicely to the next book.
I saw this on a Bookbub promo and decided it sounded interesting. This is book 18 in a series that I haven’t read anything else in. However, that didn’t keep me from enjoying the writing, loving the characters, and getting sucked into the plot!

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