The Mermaid


A mermaid princess with a dream

A human prince with ambition

Together they can do anything

After the painful transformation from a mermaid to a human girl, Ariel is ready to take the Academy by storm. Her first goal: build rapport with the human prince. In the name of strengthening the relationship between their kingdoms, of course.

It’s a bonus when Prince Samuel turns out to be everything a prince ought to be–handsome, kind and the next student body president. Ri is thrilled when he asks her on a date, and an unexpected kiss only adds to her delight.

Ri’s older sisters warn her away from the prince, but when he asks her to the first ball of the year she pushes their concerns aside–in the name of diplomacy. As hidden agendas float to the surface, Ri and the prince will have to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice for love.

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, unconventional princesses, and twist endings this series is for you.

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