The Beast


Every curse can be cured

If you find the condition

Prince Adem isn’t attending the Academy to make friends, meet girls or flex his political muscles. He’s going to cure his people. If he can’t find the condition to their curse, he and everyone he knows will turn into vicious beasts.

The first person Adem meets at the Academy is Belle, a beautiful and intelligent second-year student that happens to know all about curses. Belle agrees to help him in his search, which gives Adem an excuse to spend time with her.

When Adem is confronted by a First Fey, the creatures that cursed his kingdom, his transformation speeds up, and suddenly time is short.

Can he and Belle find the condition before he turns into a beast, or will he lose everything?

If you’re a fan of Beauty and the Beast, twisted fairy tales and unexpected heroes, this book is for you.

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