Shattered Dreams


Wendy has wrestled the monster in her head into a corner where she hopes to keep it at bay. Thanks to her and the other fighters, Shelter is safe, but the victory didn’t come without loss. During the Writing on the Wall—a tribute to the dead—Mike announces his plan to after Pelton and his people. Wendy is the first to volunteer.

But Jeff has other ideas. He asks Wendy and a few other trusted fighters to join him on a team that will go in before the main force and wreak havoc in the complex. The price? Wendy has to lie to the rest of her friends and pretend to date Jeff to cover for the time they spend together. Which would be okay if Wendy didn’t actually have feelings for Jeff. But the worst part, the part Wendy isn’t sure she can live with, is that Pelton might get away, and she will never avenge her family.

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