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The Monster in Me

Wendy is no stranger to death—she killed her first Skinny before she was ten—but the slaughter of her family is personal. The Den’s destruction planted a wicked seed in Wendy’s heart that is slowly growing into a ravenous monster bent on revenge. Its rage bleeds into her dreams, her nightmares and her waking hours.

 When the monster almost overpowers her, Wendy tries to leave, but before she gets away, a plague sweeps through the complex. Doc doesn’t have the meds they need to cure it, but Wendy’s map could lead them to a place that does. Now Wendy must hold her mind together long enough to keep everyone she knows from dying. Again.

 If you haven’t read book one, Fractured Memories, it is free on Amazon for a limited time.

 “A terrific beginning to what promises to be an amazing new Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic series with a unique twist.”

 “A scary future that will scare you off your next meal!”