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Where Do You Draw the Line?

Jeff has exactly one thing left in this ruined world; his older brother, Dillon. They’ve seen and done things that drive most survivors crazy, and Jeff is afraid that the next encounter will push Dillon over the edge. After being hunted by Skinnies, as well as those who still claim humanity, they decide to head west over the mountains.

Their journey is interrupted when they stumble on a shielded building. The Starvation happened almost twenty years ago, but the possibility of what could be inside is too alluring to pass up. The two alone aren’t enough to crack the shield. If they want in, they’re going to have to ask for help, and asking for help means dealing with people who will slit your throat for a scrap of good food.

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 “A terrific beginning to what promises to be an amazing new Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic series with a unique twist.”

 “A scary future that will scare you off your next meal!”