Jo’s Belt System for Movie and Book Reviews

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Jo’s Belt System for Movie and Book Reviews

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For the two of you that have been with me since the beginning, I’m resurrecting my old belt-review system for books and movies.

I never know what to say in a review. As an author, I do appreciate the “Great book. Loved it!” reviews, but I really like the ones that say why someone liked or disliked a book. Great characters, horrible dialogue. Awesome fight scenes. Whatever.

So I’ve given myself a system for ranking movies and books.

I’ll introduce a movie with the blurb from IMDB and a book with the blurb from the back cover.

I will then give from 1 to 5 points in the following categories:

Why did I come to this movie/read this book again?

The hook and why I was excited to partake of this particular title. Unless I’m forced against my will, the hook will usually score high.


Are they awesome? Did I want to kill them? Did I cheer when the good guy got injured, or did I cry when the love of her life drove off into the distance with the bimbo next door? Where would I take them to dinner if I had the chance? My thoughts and harsh judgments of the characters.

Did I care what happened?

Or was I, once again, kind of hoping the bad guy would actually win? Oops, did that sparkly vampire just get staked in the heart? (Sorry, had to be done.)

Plot Holes

Are they mouse-sized or freight train sized?

How many times did I yawn?

Or did I come out of it with finger nail marks in the palms of my hands?

Cool Factor

Impress me. Please.

The End

If the character I liked the most died, you will hear about it (no spoilers, just rage). If the end made no sense, I will let you know. Or if the end left me teary eyed and/or wishing for more, I’ll express that as well.

Overall Enjoyment

I know I liked a movie if I cheer in the theater, have to keep from clapping or wish I had another package of tissues in my purse. The same goes for books. I enjoy books and movies, and usually find some part of the experience to love. You’ll hear about that here.

The scores will then be added up. The amount of points the movie/book scores will determine the belt ranking it gets.

White Belt: 1-10

Yellow Belt: 11-19

Purple Belt: 20-25

Green Belt: 26-30

Brown Belt: 31-35

Black Belt: 36-40


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