Release Day for The Hunger Rises!

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Release Day for The Hunger Rises!

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Check it out! The third book in my Girl and Her Cat series out out today!

I’ve had so much fun writing these books! I’m excited to launch this one out into the world 🙂

What to expect:
The snarky cat is back
The government using mindful language
As many silly apocalyptic tropes as could fit in there without going over the top
Wyatt thinking he’s a genius
A high-speed bicycle chase

The eBook is available at Amazon. Paperbacks should be up in a few days.


Wyatt verified his address, then sat back. “You guys ready? We’re going to see burning buildings, rioting mobs, gang wars, and old women having fist fights.”

“Sorry, kid,” the driver spoke. “Most of the, uh, excitement has been centered around Grace Medical. Once we get clear of the grounds, things will be more normal.”

We’d emerged on the back side of the hospital and drove along a road that was likely for supply trucks. A chain link fence lined both sides of the path, and someone had draped tarps along them so I couldn’t see beyond.

“Trust me, you don’t want to look,” the driver said.

“We know,” Whitney said. “We were there.”

Wyatt folded his arms across his chest and let out a humph. “No riots? No zombie hoards? This is a lame apocalypse.”

“Because it’s not the apocalypse,” Whitney reminded him.

“Whatever. Don’t ruin my dreams.”

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