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More Geeky Inspiration

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I warned you I had a problem.

I collect geeky things, especially those that have meaning to me.

Last week I introduced you to the right self of my desk.

Today I’d like you to meet the middle, bottom shelf.

Behold, my shelf!

(I just noticed how messed up the numbering system is here. Sorry about that. It’s making me twitch, but I’m too lazy to fix it.)

  1. I do love me some irony. I jokingly asked a friend to make this for me, and she totally did! Isn’t it pretty? (Look close, it’s beautiful) It reminds me that I have amazing friends and that laughing is fun. 🙂
  2. This is a Generation One My Little Pony baby. As a kid I was OBSESSED with My Little Pony. I remember doing chores around the house so I could earn enough money to buy them. We lived pretty far away from a department store, so it was a big deal to talk my dad into taking me there so I could purchase yet another toy. Once I got so many points from the packages, I combined them and sent them away for this little dude. (You couldn’t buy him in the stores) I checked the mailbox every single day for weeks. It was totally worth it. This is one of the first things I remember having to put a lot of effort into getting, and it reminds me that the results can be worth the wait.
  3. The Sunder series is my white whale. It’s a YA Military Space Opera series that I’ve written the first book of three times. None of them have been good enough. I keep this where I can see it as a reminder that I need to believe in myself as a writer so I can finally tackle this again…someday.
  4. The nerdy hubby game me this. This is his way of saying he loves me. It’s pretty gaggy, but also adorable. Or should I say, adorkable? (love you, nerd)
  5. Who doesn’t need a random barrel of monkeys? I got these on a writing retreat with some great people. The monkeys remind me that I can’t always control the outcome of my professional choice because chaos ensues, and that sometimes you just need to be a little crazy.
  6. Mushu from Mulan needs no introduction or explanation. I saw this during Covid lockdown and begged the hubby to get it for me because it made me happy. (What, never seen a black and white before?)
  7. I got this from @nightcraftco in preparation for all of the tears that I’m going to elicit from my readers. I like to write awesome characters, and I’m not afraid to kill them!
  8. Naruto is the epitome of not giving up. Perseverance is his middle name, and his job is to stare at me and remind me of this daily.
  9. I got this at FanX a few years ago. I love the reimagining of this moment from Fellowship, and it reminds me to dig deeper instead of going with my first idea. (I can’t find the artist online, so if anyone knows who drew this please let me know so I can credit them!)

So, how did you like my stuff?

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