May Book Update

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May Book Update

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Hey all,

I’ve made a goal to read at least two books a month this year.

Sometimes I read a lot of books, and sometimes I don’t.

The following are the books I either read or listened to in May.

I’m actually ahead of my goal so far. (Knock on wood.)
Also, I had back surgery this month, so I did a lot of reading.

Epic Fantasy
I listened to this one. It took me a while because it’s so long.
Not quite as rompy as Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Series, but a solid, unique world with some awesome characters. I’m totally listening to the next one soon.
(Warning: I didn’t love the narrator on this one.)
YA Urban Fantasy
I picked this one up from the authors at a writing conference a few months ago.
Cool magic system, great location (Ah, Venice), and solid characters. The plot was pretty typical YA Urban Fantasy, but I didn’t mind. The book delivered exactly what I was expecting.
Note: This is a pretty clean book.
Urban Fantasy / Mystery
I listened to this one. It was on sale so I grabbed it.
Please don’t let the iffy cover deter you. The main character has a fantastic voice, the magic system intrigued me, the writer made me laugh, and the mystery kept things very interesting.
YA Contemporary Romance
A bit of Crazy Rich Asians mixed with the movie What a Girl Wants. Good romance. A modern-day fairy tale. Sort of.
Sweet Romance Romantic Comedy
I do love a good princess story. This RomCom had me rolling a couple of times. Awesome chemistry between the characters. Love the author’s voice.
Science Fiction
Someone on my newsletter recommended this to me. It’s got an old-school Star Trek vibe with a super interesting premise. The pacing is slow, just to warn you. A mix between an idea book and a character driven book.
(I only read Star Surgeon)

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