Hidden Treasure

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Hidden Treasure

Way back in Junior High, in the ancient days, I wanted a pair of leg warmers.

Don’t make fun, short jean skirts with jean jackets were all the rage, but in the middle of the winter your legs would get cold, so we had leg warmers.

Even the My Little Ponies back then had leg warmers!

It took me ages to talk my mom into buying me a pair. I wanted cool ones, with stripes. In the end, after much begging, my mother gave in, and my dream was realized.

I honestly haven’t thought much about said leg warmers since about six months after I got them because they went out of style.

There was a hot minute, a few years back, when they were “in” again, but it didn’t last long.

For good reason.

Well, last week I was going through a drawer at my parent’s house and guess what I found?

A hidden treasure

I feel your jealousy.

These are my vintange, 1980-something, leg warmers!

If you look carefully at the bottom white stripe on the top one you can just make out where my mom wrote my name on them. Because she went through a phase where she wrote my name on everything.

These things bring back hilarious junior high memories and a stark reminder that some things should be left in the past. 🙂

What other fashion trends should stay in the past?

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