Clamshell Box: Week 3

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Clamshell Box: Week 3

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I may have board measurements for a prototype!

Well, sort of.

Notice the stupid seam there? Yeah, that’s supposed to be at the corner.

I got carried away with the chamfers .Oops. My bad. In my defense, that will be covered up.

The fabric I bought locally isn’t long enough for what I need, so I’m having to break it into two pieces and put a seam on the corner.

It worked last week, but I changed the dimensions, but apparently (in a senior blonde moment) wrote something down wrong, then cut them before I checked twice.

Go ahead. Point and laugh. Shame me. I deserve it.

In retaliation, I’ve used my mad Googling skills to order bigger pieces of fabric. Take that, corner seam!

Ignoring the fabric issues, the box looks pretty good!

The books fit!


There’s a bit of a gap on the ends, but I’m okay with it. Better then the books not fitting.

My next step for the boards is to make a jig so they are easier to cut. Right now I’m using a utility knife and a metal ruler. I need something more reliable.

If my fabric comes in the three days promised, I may have a progress report next week.

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