Clamshell Box: Week 1

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Clamshell Box: Week 1

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First off, I thought I was better with an X-Acto knife. If the somewhat meandering sides of my binding board is any indication, I could use some practice.

I didn’t take pictures. I was too ashamed.

My engineering brain is already working on a way to clamp the board and the steel ruler to the table so I don’t have to worry about holding on to it while I saw. Er, cut.

Also, a bigger knife. Those little ones feel too dainty to be cutting that board.

As you can see, my corners were a bit off. Nothing a little glue and some sanding won’t fix, right?

Have you ever heard the adage:

Measure Twice, Cut Once?

Me too! And I’m usually good at it. As a matter of fact I was checking the size of the fabric that I was about to put around the above tray, when I had a positively revolutionary idea.

Make sure the books fit.

Apparently I should have checked the sides of the tray before I glued them together.


I checked my math multiple times, but didn’t notice that my initial measurement was off.

Maybe this is a sign that I need to add more books to the series?

Tune in next week for a new inner tray. Hopefully this one will be the right size.

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