An Anthology of Cursed Antiques

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An Anthology of Cursed Antiques

Are you a fan of spooky stories?

What about antique shops?

Have you ever wondered about the story of the treasures you find?

You might wish you hadn’t!

This anthology of cursed objects will sent shivers up your spine while you chuckle to hide your discomfort.

Get into the Halloween spirit and order your copy today!

My story is about an antique Italian chair with some serious morality issues.

Spend an afternoon antiquing and it’s not hard to figure out why picking has become one of America’s fondest pastimes. It’s treasure hunting while connecting with history. But what if those treasures hunt us back?

From old books, to vinyl records, antique mirrors, vintage figurines, or a Bob’s Big Boy piggy bank, curses have no limits.

If you’re an Audible fan, stay tuned. The audio book should be up soon!

If you’re looking for more horror, check out the other two anthologies I’m in!

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October 9, 2019at 7:54 am

Oh look a Monkey’s Paw!

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