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I’ve been going to the Cedar City Shakespeare Festival for years. We go over the 4th of July weekend, reserving our hotel rooms a year in advance and getting tickets for the festival in January.

As we all know, there’s a bit of a pandemic going on, and as a result the Shakespeare Festival was cancelled. 🙁

This is from a few years ago.

Because everyone already had the days off work, we decided to go to Cedar City anyway. We usually spend out time running between meals and plays, so this year we decided to do some outdoor exploring!

Don’t worry, we had masks and didn’t get too close to people and all that. We did our best to be safe.

The results were spectacular!

One day we took most of the afternoon to drive a scenic route that went from Brianhead ski resort to Cedar Breaks.

If you’ve never been to southern Utah, and have the chance, you should visit. The scenery is stunning, and it feels good to breathe clean air.

We dragged along a small bbq and some hot dogs, and for a late lunch, we stopped at Navajo Lake for a picnic.

Then, on the 4th, we mostly played games and then watched Hamilton on Disney+.

Almost as soon as we finished the movie, the fireworks started. We saw a whole bunch from our hotel balcony.

So not the 4th of July we were expecting, but it was relaxing not to have a strict schedule to stick to.

How was your 4th of July?

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