Top Ten Movie Musicals

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Top Ten Movie Musicals

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Movie Musicals have been around for a long time.

I’ve seen many, many musicals on stage, but if I haven’t seen (and liked) the movie version, you won’t find it on this list.

Also, there are no animated musicals on this list. Most of those ended up on the Top Ten Animated films.

There are a few where I like the movie version better than the stage version.

Movie Musicals!

10) My Fair Lady

The ending of this one has always rubbed me a little the wrong way, especially on stage where they have interpreted it many different ways, but there’s no getting around the stellar acting and stick-in-your-head songs!

9) Into the Woods

Not going to lie, the first time I saw this on stage I was mortified! What had they done to my beloved classics? Then I got a little older, learned more about life, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie version. The agony song is probably my favorite, although The Last Midnight is awesome.

8) White Christmas

This one is a classic for me. The hubby actually hates it, but I watched it growing up, and pull it out about once a year. Great songs, wonderful dancing and the sisters song is classic.

7) Enchanted

Just thinking about this one makes me smile. The rats cleaning her apartment. The huge dance number in the park. And the awesome twists and turns it takes to subvert the usual tropes. Love this one.

6) Newsies

The movie. Not the stage production. I like both, but I still like the movie better. I was pretty much in love with the entire cast of boys when I was in high school. Even now the Santa Fe song can get stuck in my head at random moments. Like now, for instance…

5) Phantom of the Opera

Yes, the stage production is generally better than the movie, but this movie really impressed me. First off, Minnie Driver’s diva scene is hilarious, and this show used the medium of film to improve on the original.  Unlike the Les Mis film that came out a few years ago. Plus, there’s not much that can beat the music.

4) The Greatest Showman

I still cry when I listen to most of the songs on this soundtrack. Awesome music. Great dancing. A modern masterpiece! Also, Hugh Jackman…

3) Mamma Mia

This one is just silly fun. Half of the men can’t even sing, but I don’t care because the show is so dang fun to watch and, I must admit, sing along to. I can’t pick a favorite song, because there are at least four.

2) Mary Poppins

Come on, what could beat the cartoon bits of this thirty years ago? Hmm? Nothing, that’s what. Plus, I love Julie Andrews. That woman can pretty much do anything.

1) The Sound of Music

See, Julie Andrews again! As a kid I remember watching this over two nights on television. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember they would cut it right after they got married, and then you had to wait a whole day to see the rest! I love the music and the story and the cast and everything. I’ve heard Christopher Plummer hated filming this movie, but he’s delightful.

Honorable Mentions:

The King and I

Love the music, the story is heart wrenching

Pitch Perfect

Not really a musical, but it’s close enough. This one can brighten my darkest days.

What did I miss?

What are your favorite movie musicals?


Rebecca Stock Boucher

October 17, 2019at 8:48 am

You’ve got to check out Court Jester! Can’t bear Danny Kaye! Another favorite of mine is Guys and Dolls….(singing)”Luck be a lady tonight.”

    Jo Ann Schneider

    October 17, 2019at 12:15 pm

    I forgot about The Court Jester! I haven’t seen that in ages!

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