Top Ten Guilty Movie Pleasures

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Top Ten Guilty Movie Pleasures

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For the very last installment of my Top Ten movies, I thought I would come clean with the movies I love that I consider my guilty pleasures.

These are films that are generally horrible, but for some reason have piqued my interest and I go back to them again and again.

See if you agree with my choices!

Guilty Pleasures!

10) The Three Amigos

Should I feel shame that I love the My Little Buttercup song? This show is full of stupid jokes, funny lines and a plot that shouldn’t work, but does. I mean, they killed the invisible swordsman. How can a movie recover from that?

9) Napoleon Dynamite

Yes, it’s a dumb show. Yes, I own a copy. Yes, I think about tater tots every time I see someone wearing cargo pants. Don’t you? Also, we quote it a lot in my Kempo class.

8) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

If you’ve seen this show, then you understand. If not, you won’t get it. This is one of the most random shows I have ever seen and enjoyed. “Who’s crying?” I have to admit, the fact that when my future hubby recognized the movie in my collection and had seen it was a bonus point for him.

7) Sahara

I’ve only ever read a couple of Cliver Cussler’s books about these characters, and I admit that the movie doesn’t stand up to the books. However, on it’s own, this is a great adventure, and a little bit of history. Also, Matthew Mcconaughey. And many silly one liners.

6) The Rundown

When I think of this movie the first term that comes to mind is “Dumb.” Because it’s a seriously stupid show, but it cracks me up. Thunder and lightning. Bad monkey. The crazy Scotsman. The Rock. A very dirty (as in dirt-covered to the point it made me cringe) Christopher Walken. Dumb, but so much fun.

5) Condorman

Who else reads the title of the movie in the theme song? This is one of the campiest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a good parody that never takes itself too seriously, but the characters have no idea that they’re in a comedy. It’s good enough that you enjoy it, but you don’t expect perfection.

4) The Fifth Element

Confession time: I forgot this movie on Sci-Fi week. It’s cheesy. It’s ridiculous. I quote it at least once a day. At first I hated Ruby Rhod, but now he’s my favorite part! I love it when he shoots that bad guy and asks Corbin if the guy is going to be okay.

3) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite love story of all time. Add zombies to it and I’m hooked! The pop-up book prologue is amazing, as is the bad a** Lady Catherine. The books is better, but this movie is a favorite.

2) Big Trouble in Little China

I spent a whole summer watching this movie again and again. At one point there were like five girls with green eyes watching it with me. We thought we were so cool…Each time I watch it I break out into peals of laughter over some part of it that I’ve forgotten about.

1) Mortal Kombat

This movie is based on a video game. How good can it be? I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s not good. So why do I love it? Because it’s funny! The characters take their ridiculous situation seriously and it kills me. My favorite moment (I have like fifty second-favorite moments) is when Johnny Cage is leading them through a tunnel full of spider webs. He’s actually having to tear through them to move and he says, “Katana went this way. I can smell her perfume.”

As a matter of fact, here’s link to a video of all of Johnny Cage’s dialogue in the movie. You’re Welcome.

Honorable Mentions:

Groundhog Day

This one comes out every February the 2nd.

Kindergarten Cop

Mr. Schwarzenegger at his best!

What are some of your movie guilty pleasures?

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Jonathan Stringer

October 23, 2019at 9:39 am

One of mine is Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

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