Top Ten Animated Movies

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Top Ten Animated Movies

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Saturday morning and after school cartoons were one of my favorite things as a kid.

I remember the anguish when the time for Thundercats changed and it would be over before I got home from school.

I remember the thrill after I watched my first episodes of Transformers, Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, The Super Friends and even My Little Pony.

I have the same love for animated movies as I do television cartoons, so it was difficult to narrow it down to my top ten.

I’ve put both traditional animation and computer animation in this category.

Animated Movies!

10) Megamind

This movie threw so many tropes on their heads that it made me dizzy. I’m a sucker for a great twist on an old tale, and there are so many funny parts in this show that I couldn’t leave it off the list!

9) The Incredibles

Do you think I have a thing for superhero movies? Not to worry, they get their own category. Except the animated ones…well. Sort of. Anyway, this movie is a classic at our house, and I say “No Cape!” way more than any adult should.

8) Kung Fu Panda

The opening sequence alone was enough for me to fall in love with this show (There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness!!), the rest of it simply added to the fun. Great characters, a wonderful message. And Jack Black.

7) The Little Mermaid

This show relaunched Disney’s animated studio. It came out when I was a young-ish teenager, and I fell in love with the music, the characters, the romance and the comedy. Maybe it’s a product of when I saw it, but I will always love this movie!

I clearly remember seeing it in the old Queen Theater in Bountiful and when Ariel says that parent’s don’t understand, the couple behind me busted up laughing.

6) Finding Nemo

I almost came out of my chair and peed my pants laughing when Dory started speaking Whale. That is all.

5) Mulan

I. Love. This. Movie. I’ve always loved girl-power shows, and this one does it so well! I like how she almost fails, but then she starts thinking outside of any box she’s ever been put in and figures out that she can do whatever she needs to.

I have a “Dishonor on your cow” coming in the mail.

4) How to Train Your Dragon

I laughed. I cried. I loved the music. This movie makes me smile just thinking about it. Don’t we all feel like we’re the outsider? Hiccup takes an unforgettable journey that almost ends on a sad note, but not quite.

3) Beauty and the Beast

I usually tell people this is my favorite Disney movie. We saw it in an old theater that had a balcony. It was one of the first films to utilize CGI, and I was mesmerized. The music swept me away, and I fell in love with Belle.

2) Robin Hood

Yes, yes, this is also a Disney movie, but this one has a special place in my heart. I clearly remember watching it on a Sunday night with my parents when I was pretty young. The scene where Lady Cluck barrels through the guards like a football player had all of us laughing so hard we cried.

We recorded it and I watched it so many times that at one point I could quote the entire movie.

1) Transformers: The Animated Movie

I realize this isn’t the best movie on this list, but it changed my world. My hero, Optimus Prime, died. I’d never had a character I loved so much die in a show (give me break, I was maybe twelve). The whole show opened my mind to the concept of endings and new beginnings, and how it didn’t have to be all bad.


Honorable Mentions:


I can’t watch it over and over, but I do love it. Even thinking about the beginning sequence makes me teary. Mention this one to the hubby and he will totally cry.

The Emperor’s New Groove

Pure comedy with a wonderful message.

Nightmare Before Christmas

No other show has blended Christmas and Halloween so well. Plus…the music…

The Lego Movie

The movie itself is pure cheese, but the ending makes it so worth it.

What are your favorite animated movies?

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