The Monkey King


Will Saru’s past ruin his future happiness?

Saru has three goals: avoid as much school work as possible, dodge the ever persistent Princess Catherine, and eat two pieces of cake with every meal.

Things are going well until the new girl in the cafeteria refuses, despite Saru’s best haggling and flirting efforts, to give him an extra piece of cake.

Her name is Aurora, and Saru thinks it’s adorable when she tells him to shove off, but that fades when the anger in her blue eyes pulls a memory from Saru’s mind. The first memory he’s had since he woke up on a mountainside two years ago.

The rule-loving Aurora is the only connection to Saru’s past and he’s determined to find out why. He discovers that she’s a fierce warrior, a noble soul and the most interesting girl he’s ever met.

When Saru’s mind reveals his dark past, he must decide between restoring his memories or having a future with Aurora.

If you enjoy trouble-making boys, self-rescuing princesses and a fresh twist on two old tales, this book is for you!

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