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A Little Getaway

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Last week was our anniversary. Another year has gone by and neither one of us has killed the other, and we still kind of like each other.

To celebrate, we decided to go up to Jackson, Wyoming. The hubby had never been, and it’s been a while for me.

We decided to do this last moment, and when we got there, we figured out why there were no hotel rooms left.

Us and our 40,000 new best friends had decided to come to Jackson the same week! I was lucky to get this horrible picture of me and the antler arch without anyone else in it.

We found 44 out of 50 United States licence plates, if that tells you anything.

Needless to say we kept our distance, wore masks (which are not the most fun for my asthma at high elevation), and were grateful we got a room in a nearby town.

We started at Jenny’s lake and hiked to Hidden Falls. The ferry operator said it was an “easy” hike to the falls. False. I’m pretty out of shape, but going uphill (steep for most of it) for a half a mile is not easy.

Still, it made for some spectacular views!

The next day we explored the other side of the Tetons. This time we rode a chair lift up to the top of the mountain 🙂 However, the chair lift operators didn’t tell us that we were in charge of putting the safety bar down in front of us, so we rode up without it…

I’m not afraid of heights, but even I was nervous. I almost bit the guy’s head off at the top after he yelled at me for not having my mast up…because my hands were sort of fused with anything I could get a hold of. When that got resolved I asked him about the safety bar and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “You’re in charge of that, not us.”

Honestly, those guys were the rudest people we met. Good thing the view was worth it! I mean, look at those mountains!

All in all we had a great time! The crowds were annoying, but what can you do?

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