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My Top Ten Romantic Movies

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This week I’m sharing my top ten favorite romance movies.

As you can see, I mostly prefer the romantic comedies.

Remember, I hardly ever watch rated R movies, so that cuts a lot of the more recent romances out.


10) Some Kind of Wonderful

This movie has always called to me, and it encompasses all of the 80’s teen romance films along the same vein Most girls, including myself, thought of themselves as the no-so-popular best friend type. And let’s not forget the music in this one. Love it!

9) Date Night

This one is almost more action/adventure than romance, but at it’s heart, the movie does its very best to remind this couple why they love one another. Whenever the hubby and I sit on the same side of a restaurant booth I think of this show.

8) The Proposal

The supporting characters in this film really make it shine, but the romance is delightful and half of the movie makes the reader feel  as awkward as the characters, which is always a plus!

7) The Holiday

Let’s see, there’s the hilarity that is Jack Black, the everything that is Jude Law, plus the great cast of women all during the holidays. What’s not to love?

6) Two Weeks Notice

The scene when they’re stuck on the freeway and she has to go to the bathroom will never not be funny. Ever.

5) Notting Hill

I know, two Hugh Grant movies in a row, but I can’t help it. He’s got such a great, dry sense of delivery on his lines. I frequently quote bits of this one: the mayonnaise line, give it to me in yards, Horse and Hound…

4) My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This show is hilarious. My family is the quiet, dull family in this show, and my hubby’s fam is the Greek family. Neither is quite as extreme as in the movie, but the contrast is certainly there. Also, tell me you’ve never wondered about putting Windex on a cold sore?

3) The Cutting Edge

Toe Pick!

2) Ever After

I do love a good fairy tale retelling, and this movie is one of the best! It incorporates a strong female lead who helps the prince unlock his true potential while also falling in love. The end gets me every time.

1) Pride and Prejudice

The BBC version is my favorite, but in general, I’ll watch or read any well-told P & P retelling. This spot represents all of those retellings.

Honorable Mentions:

His Girl Friday

Maybe the best dialogue between a couple of any move ever

Sliding Doors

So funny. So sad. So great. It makes you think, what if…

Sleepless in Seattle

Because Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks

Warm Bodies

Duh, romance and zombies? You know I’m there.

What are your favorite romantic movies?

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My Top Ten Science Fiction Movies

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I love movies. My friends and I used to walk to the theaters near our neighborhood to see the latest release. Back before stadium seating and all candy was under $2.

A bunch of my friends on Facebook are doing a 365 day challenge, which is to share one film a day that they like for a year.

To be frank, I’ll mess that up after the first week, so instead I decided to share my Top Ten movies in a bunch of different categories!

I should add a caveat that I hardly ever watch rated R movies, so there won’t be too many of them on my list. I thought I would start with:

Science Fiction!

10) Back to the Future

I watched this movie a lot as a kid, and every time I see a VW van I still point and say, “The Libyans!” Loads of good lines along with a compelling story. A classic for sure.

9) Serenity

Because, Firefly. Also, there are some killer fight scenes in this one. And tears. I forgot, I hate this movie. 🙁

8) Men in Black

So many classic lines. Such a great cast. A hilarious take on the question of “what if there were aliens and we already knew about them?” This one always hits my funny bone, and there is plenty of action to keep me entertained.

7) Jurassic Park

Ah, the music, the visuals…dinosaurs eating people. This is a classic. I know I’ve shared the story, but you get to hear it again. My friend waited until the velociraptor blows in the kitchen window and makes everyone jump before she blew into the ear of her neighbor through a straw. He jumped and screamed like a girl. This will never not be funny. Also, the movie is great!

6) Star Trek

I shoved this whole franchise together as well. My personal favorites are First Contact and the first reboot, but I like most of them. My hubby votes for The Wrath of Kahn. I waited to hear, “I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!” in the first reboot, and when Scottie said it, I knew I would love the movie forever!

5) Edge of Tomorrow

Yes, the movie had some holes, but for whatever reason, I LOVED it. The main character turned from a sniveling idiot into a bad-A soldier who saves the world. It’s funny. It made me cringe. Plus, who does’t love a buff Emily Blunt?

4) Independence Day

I still remember sitting in the theater, horrified that LA and New York had just been blown to dust, watching Will Smith drag that alien across the desert…and when he screams at the alien that he could have been at a BBQ, the entire theater erupted in laughter. I literally felt the tension bubble of 200 people pop.

3) Galaxy Quest

My friends and I saw this movie right after we’d been to a Star Trek convention. Not only is it a great film, but it captures the fandom perfectly! I quote this one all the time. Probably my favorite satire film.

2) Star Wars (The Original Trilogy)

I had to lump them all together because I wanted to get more variety on my top 10 list. Return of the Jedi is my favorite, but I love the original trilogy in its entirety! Also, I remember renting a VCR player as well as A New Hope for my 8th or 9th birthday party.

1) Aliens

I watched this one on TV when I was about 12. Scared the begeebies out of me, but we recorded it on our super fancy VCR and I watched it at least a hundred times. This movie is where I get my love for a tight team and a big cast of characters. Also, a strong, but not just a boy in girl’s skin, female lead.

Honorable Mentions:

The Martian

Really liked it, but not one I would watch over and over

Mad Max: Fury Road

Great visuals. Good story. For sure a guy flick.

Planet of the Apes (1968 version)

There I was, about 11 years old, in the middle of the night, huddled up in front of my 12″, black and white tv that was in my room watching this movie. It was okay…until the very end when they find the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand. Two words: Mind blown. This movie is where my obsession with post apocalyptic everything comes from.

Have any to add? Leave it in the comments!

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