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New Release: New Vision is Here!

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Look what just hit Amazon!

New Vision, the third and final installment in my New Sight Series, is here!

Lysandra Blake survived her fight with Jeremiah Mason in the magical realm, but everything has changed. Her powers have taken a turn—this time for the better—Mason stripped Kamau of his memories, the fisherman left the bulk of the tribe’s memories in Lys’ mind, and the tribes believe she will bring about the end of the world.

The only hope they have of stopping Mason lies within the memories Lys has acquired. In them she finds a way to fix what he has broken, but like everything else that has happened since her magic broke, she and her friends will have to put their lives on the line. And even that might not be enough to stop the cascade of events that Mason has set in motion.

Get yours on Amazon for 0.99 this week only!


It has been a long journey—just over four years—since New Sight came out. As many of you know, I went through a traditional publisher for New Sight, but after two years I entered negotiations to get my rights back. That process took a while, but it finally happened. Since then the series has been through several covers and too much time between books.

One of my more successful author friends urged me to leave the series at two books and move on to something else, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and felt compelled to finish Lys’ story. And now I have!

I hope you enjoy the finale of the series.

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