His Mortal Enemy Second Chance Bachelorette

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His Mortal Enemy Second Chance Bachelorette

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Looking forward to the holidays already?

Do you find yourself humming Christmas songs?

Are you ready for a season of Hallmark-Style Romances?

If so, I have something for you!

The first of three Holiday Romances (released under my pen name Karly Stratford) is out today!

They are all small town, second chance romances set during the holidays.

This is the story of Flint and Brenna. Mortal enemies since their first spell-off in kindergarten and bitter rivals to this day…but now something has changed.

Can their life-long rivalry lead to love?

Or will it end in a holiday disaster of epic proportions?


(Always free on Kindle Unlimited)


Professional running back, Flint Decker, is all set to break the season touchdown record. The only thing standing in his way is his mother’s determination to fatten him up over Thanksgiving. When he rescues his life-long rival—how come he’d never noticed how beautiful she was before?—from falling down the stairs he decides it might be time to put their dueling aside.

Brenna Simmons, just arrived from New York for the holiday, doesn’t remember Flint being quite so buff, and they’ve never had a pleasant conversation. Until now. When he invites her to help with the yearly community Feast she ignores him, determined to not rise to his silly challenge. Until Flint unleashes his charm.

Angry glares slowly turn to smiles, and quips to flirting. But when a clash of will threatens to rip their truce apart, they must decide if they are willing to sacrifice their pride in order to open their hearts, or will they fall into their old ways and lose this chance at love?

This is the first book in the Decker Family Romance Series.



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