His First Love Second Chance Bachelorette

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His First Love Second Chance Bachelorette

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Looking forward to the holidays already?

Do you find yourself humming Christmas songs?

Are you ready for a season of Hallmark-Style Romances?

If so, I have something for you!

The second of three Holiday Romances (released under my pen name Karly Stratford) is out today!

They are all small town, second chance romances set during the holidays.

This is the story of Brad and Morgan, high school sweethearts who never quite fell out of love, but who each fled their little town to get away from painful memories.

He left to be a hero.

She left to forget her past.


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Nightstalker pilot, Bradley Decker, is home for Christmas against his will. A little shrapnel to the shoulder won’t keep him out of combat for long. When his first love, Morgan, shows up at his door claiming to be his new physical therapist, Brad is sure he can keep things professional. Only Morgan is somehow even funnier and more amazing than he remembers. Maybe it’s the pain meds.

Morgan Adams is in Bluestone to buy property for her recovery center for veterans. She takes the request for a house call, and is torn between horror and relief when she sees it’s Brad, her high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, Brad is still easy to talk to, easy on the eyes, and easy to laugh with. Time flies because they’re always having fun.

Old feelings rise to the surface, but is a second chance at love possible for them? Morgan won’t marry a soldier, and that’s all Brad has ever wanted to be. Fate combines to give them a choice. The question is, will they make the right call?

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