Down with the Sickness

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Down with the Sickness

I meant to have a theme for my blog for the next few months ready to go last week.

I meant to have another book finished and off to my editor this Friday.

I meant to start 2021 on the 1st, no the 12th.

Yet here we are, I’m typing this on the 12th, and this is the first time I’ve been able to sit at my computer for more than twenty minutes at a pop.

Not to mention creating coherent sentences.

What happened, you ask?

Covid19 came to the hubby’s family Christmas party.

We all knew the risks of getting together, so there’s no blame game going on. Instead, we’re all just trying to get better!

It’s been two weeks to the day since my first symptom. I was cleaning the bathroom and coughed once.

Just once. A nice, deep thing that came from the depths of my lungs.

That’s all it took. I knew I was in trouble. I went to get a test the next morning, warned everyone I’d seen over the past few days, then hunkered down in the house with the hubby, who was starting to feel a bit off too.

Without going into awful details, let’s just say two weeks of a spiking fever, a killer cough, aches, pains, throwing up, losing my sense of smell and taste, not wanting to eat anything, barely being able to hold my head up, and watching way too much TV has left me a bit annoyed.

Although I am genuinely grateful for those who contacted us to make sure we were okay as well as Door Dash and the people who shop for you then drop off groceries. Considering what the United States has been through while we were sick, it was wonderful to see kind acts from friends and strangers alike.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think I’d get hit quite so hard with the Covid. My immune system is usually up to the task of keeping me in good health, but this was a kick in the teeth. One star review. I do not recommend.

To anyone who has had Covid19, I now understand. To anyone who has it right now, hang in there!

The rest of you, be safe. Get a vaccine.

One irony was that a small group of us were supposed to play some Pandemic Legacy on New Year’s Eve. Instead, we were part of the pandemic. ..yay?

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