Cruisin’ Alaska

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Cruisin’ Alaska

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This is my third Alaskan cruise. The first was almost twenty years ago and the second about eight years ago. A lot has changed since that first trip, and yet, there’s not much you can do to truly change Alaska itself.

The first time I went our ship sailed into Glacier Bay and to a spot where three huge glaciers plunged into the ocean. They towered above us and we were lucky enough to have a section half the size of our cruise ship break off of one and into the water while we where there. Amazing. Beautiful. There are hardly words to describe it.

The second time our ship sailed into the same bay, but the glaciers had lost much of their luster. Two had almost stopped moving and turned grey (like snow on the roads after a couple of days) and they had all receded quite a bit.

This time we went into a fjord. As you can see, it was a bit misty. No glaciers at the water line, but man was it beautiful! My 83 year old dad came to our balcony to sit and watch the giant mountains slide by.

However, I was still missing the glacier experience. Lucky for us, the whole family was booked on a flight up to see the ice field above Juneau.

This was my first time on a float plane. Instead of the rough ride I had expected, most of the trip was smooth. Taking off and landing on water was much less harrowing than I thought it would be.

Once again, I can’t explain seeing these colossal glaciers from the air, so I’ll attach some pictures. The pilot joked that the small hand towels were for the tears of joy that we would shed on the trip. (They were actually for wiping the windows for the first little bit) He wasn’t far off for me. I almost cried.

The next day five of us took a bike ride down from the summit of a pass to Skagway. Emphasis on down, not up. That was also amazing! The sun came out for the first time and we got beautiful pictures. Also, a sunburned nose for me.

All-in-all a wonderful trip. With epic clouds all over the place!

I should get back to writing this week.

Should being the key word there.


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