The Phony Prince is Here!

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The Phony Prince is Here!

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Today is Launch Day!

Get your copy of The Phony Prince now!

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I started writing my Fairy Tale Academy series last November. Eight novellas and six months later, we’ve come to the end of the journey.

Remember Prince Edward from The Golden Girl? Yeah…he’s not really the prince. Thomas and Prince Edward have been trading places since they were kids, but when the Prince gets trapped in another kingdom Thomas has to take his place at the Academy.

I also brought back Kyla, one of Ariel’s sisters. Because who else is going to put up with a cranky pauper turned prince?

And now, without further ado, I present, The Phony Prince!

This is the 8th and final book in my Fairy Tale Academy Series!

If you missed the first chapter, click here to read it.

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