The Hunger Begins

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The Hunger Begins

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Hey everyone, I have a new book out today!

This is a precursor to my Jagged Scars series. Instead of twenty years later, this is how the world ends.

Meet Everly, high school band geek and sarcasm specialist, and her service cat, Echo.

They think the next week will be all about the school musical…they’re wrong.

Enjoy an excerpt!

Wyatt jerked me out of my musings. “Have you heard about that guy in New York that tried to eat a homeless dude?”

Who needed Google when you had Wyatt? He listened to podcasts while he worked out and always kept me informed of current events, questionable though they may be. “Nope.”

“He said he was so hungry he just started biting anything that looked edible.”

“Was he drunk or high or something?”

“They don’t think so.”

“That’s creepy,” I said.

“He said his stomach felt like it was digesting itself.”

I frowned. Jason had just said the same thing. Before I could digest that Whitney arrived, panting and out of breath. She threw the passenger door open and climbed in.

“About time,” Wyatt said. “I’m starving to death.”

Whitney wrinkled her nose. “It stinks in here.”

“It’s musk,” Wyatt said. “Halfway to perfume.”

“It’s gross.”

I agreed, but kept my mouth shut. It wasn’t worth it to get in the middle of one of their fights. Instead, I swiped my phone to life and looked up the crazy homeless guy in New York. That way I could help Wyatt freak our parents out at lunch. They loved it when we talked about disgusting stuff while we ate.

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