The Geeky Billionaire

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The Geeky Billionaire

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Anyone missing those Hallmark Christmas Movies?

I can help.

My new release (Under my Karly Stratford pen name) is out today!

I know none of you are shocked that I chose to write about a geeky guy.  I actually looked up billionaires (wanting to be somewhat authentic on how someone could make that much money) and found a couple of men who had built their fortunes on video game empires. With that in mind, Jimmy’s character was born.

He’s a geek with a heart of gold.
She’s a beautiful woman with a chip on her shoulder.

Can they look past their own prejudices and see one another for who they really are?


(Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited)

Billionaire video game developer, Jimmy Martin, has a single goal for his week at the Coconut Island Resort; get everyone at the conference to play as much of his new game, H2O, as possible. Oh — and change the world by developing water systems through his game—just a tiny secret. What he doesn’t expect is the beautiful, frank, Caroline to be sitting at the back of the opening social, reading a Jane Austen retelling and eyeing the gamers with suspicion.

Caroline Price only goes to the social because her brother guilts her into it, but the caveat is when the third nerd hits on her she’s out. The first is handsome enough, has read all of the Jane Austen books, and can almost carry on a normal conversation, but when he suggests that there was more to her last breakup than her ex playing video games all the time, she writes him off. Until he asks her to come to the team building activity the next morning.

After a dare that turns into a date, a race for crème Brulee and a romantic stroll along the beach, Jimmy is hoping Caroline is different from all the other girls he’s dated, and Caroline is wondering how many layers Jimmy has.

When tragedy strikes Caroline’s brother, and she believes Jimmy’s games might be the cause, they will both have to decide if they can look past the surface of the other to see what’s underneath.


This is book three of four in this series. If you’re a clean romance fan, check out the rest of the stories!

The Second Chance Billionaire

He tried to stop her wedding 6 years ago! She tried to forget their past! Will they get their second chance?

Ex-Navy SEAL and billionaire, Nash Kingston, has his laser focus on getting Coconut Island back on its feet after the devastating hurricane last year. When he arrives at the island for a fundraising business conference, the last person he expected to run into was the woman who broke his heart six years ago.

Needing space from her ex and time with her young son, Violet Moon has the perfect summer plans—a three-month position on the beautiful tropical Coconut Island. Plan A is ruined when she runs into the man who tried to stop her wedding six years before—the man she’s tried unsuccessfully to forget. Her new Plan B is to avoid him, which she thinks she can pull of because he’s only on the island for a week. Too bad he blackmails her into a date!

After a moonlit swim, a day sailing with Violet and her son, and the infamous date, Nash finds himself falling for the woman he was convinced he could never have.

Can they let go of the pain of the past and believe in second chances? Or will she slip away from him again?


The Guy Next Door Billionaire

A man who no longer trusts love!

A woman who has always loved him!

The larger than life movie star and billionaire, Noah Sullivan, only wants to kick some butt in the movie star training conference he’s in charge of on Coconut Island. Oh—that and take some time to enjoy his dog. After a drawn-out two-year divorce, women are just not in the cards for him … until he sees the only girl who ever put fire ants on him ten years ago—his best friend’s little sister and nemesis, Emma Archer.

The beautiful and talented, Emma Archer, doesn’t want to go to some island and take pictures for her brother’s business, it’s been a long couple of months trying to heal from the harsh words of her ex. Too bad her brother’s flattering words about being talented and all of that actually work. When her feisty Chihuahua almost gets eaten by a huge boxer dog—she’s hardly surprised when the owner turns out to be the boy who kept her out of the clubhouse ten years ago. Did he have to be so charming and … hot?

After accidental midnight rendezvous in the hot tub, running a Zombie 5K, and a kiss that’s supposed to be for show–Noah’s re-thinking his policy on NOT dating his best friend’s little sister.
When past demons surface, they have to make a choice: trust in true love … or walk away and lose the only real thing they’ve ever had.


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