The Frog Maiden is Here! Also, What’s Next…

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The Frog Maiden is Here! Also, What’s Next…

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It’s launch day again!

Get The Frog Maiden now!

Only 99 cents (today only) or free on Kindle Unlimited

I had such a good time writing this book. I know I shared some of the inspiration I had for characters in the last post, here are a few more. Once again, swiped from the web. If you know who drew them, let me know so I can credit them! This is Haleros. Okay, this is an angry version of Haleros.

Centaur, earth caster and all around party animal. Or that’s what he wants you to think.

This is a grown-up version of Krabbs, the goblin prince. He cracks me up.

Okay, here’s The Frog Maiden!

That’s book 3 in my Fairy Tale Academy Series!

Here’s what’s in line for two weeks from today!




February 21, 2019at 10:51 am

I love these images! Haleros is gorgeous, and the tattoos in this image are stunning. I’d love to see him and Bric get their own stories. I like them so much.

    Jo Ann Schneider

    February 21, 2019at 10:58 am

    Right!?! Don’t worry, they will be making more appearances in the series.

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