Fairy Tales & First Dates

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Fairy Tales & First Dates

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It all started with an idea…

How awkward would the first date of fairy tale couples be?

Not the original couples, but in retellings?

My writing group, most of them lovers of fairy tales, snark and awkward moments, decided to explore the question, and this is our answer!


A collection of eight fairy tale first dates!

Read the description. You’re probably going to want a copy.


There’s no getting around it 

First dates are awkward  

Join Robin and Marian as Little John hijacks their night. Watch as a pixie is forced to spend the evening with an insufferable prince and the Muffin Man romances the Gingerbread Girl.
You won’t be able to look away when Ms. White faces off with an alarmingly charming vice principal, while Belle has to navigate the frightening world of online dating.
Then there’s the burly knight in shining armor who rescues the girl a little too well, a blind date that includes seven brothers with a twisted sense of humor and a satyr who’s trying to convince a sea witch that she’s not a monster.
Friday Night Writes brings together a collection of Fairy Tale First Dates like you’ve never imagined them before.

If you love fairy tale retellings, painfully awkward situations, humor, and a dash of magic, this collection is for you! Order your copy today.


If you’ve read my Academy books, then you’ll recognize S’ula and Bric on their first date! Yes, S’ula is cranky about it. Yes, Bric adores her anyway!

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