Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Movie Review

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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Movie Review

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A widowed cleaning lady in 1950s London falls madly in love with a couture Dior dress, and decides that she must have one of her own.

Why did I come to this movie again?

I saw a preview for this film and was immediately drawn in. I had no idea it was a book that has been made into a movie before, so I had no expectations other than it looked delightful and fun!

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Mrs. Harris is wonderful. A widow who is working as a cleaning lady after WWII in London, she’s doing everything she can to hold it together even after her husband is declared KIA. I just loved her spirit and her determination to help others even if they weren’t willing to help themselves. Her friends were perfect.

I really enjoyed everyone in Paris. The Dior employees, even the “evil” ones were believable and fun. The Marquis provided some much-needed perspective, and the young kids were awesome.

Hearing that accent come out of Jason Issacs threw me off for a second!

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Did I care what happened?

So much yes! While I often immerse myself in tales of superheroes and consequences of apocalyptic proportions, I’m always cheering for the average Joe. Or in this case, the average Lesley. An older woman past her prime who wants something new. I wanted her to succeed as much or more than I wanted the Avengers to save the world!

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Plot Holes

There’s one moment near the end that I felt could have had a better lead-in to it. Other than that one thing, I didn’t get pulled out of the story.

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How many times did I yawn?

The film was, as I expected, delightful. Each scene was cute and fun with some good-old-fashioned backbone and heart. I didn’t yawn once.

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Cool Factor

I’m not a student of fashion, so seeing the world of high fashion in the mid 1900s was cool for me. The filming was fun, and the world beautiful.

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The End

For a few minutes I was mad about one thing that happened in Paris, but in the end I was happy it did. Lesley came full circle, a changed woman, but still her kind, wonderful self.

Also, the Dior people were awesome! I might have cried.

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Overall Enjoyment

I came away from this film feeling amazing and wanting to see it again. Not from an adrenaline high, like the action movies that I love, but from an emotional journey that seemed so real that I thought I might be able to reach out and touch it. If you like feel-good movies that hit you in the heart and mind then go see this film!

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